Travian Gamesin Rail Nation Open Beta Version game

Travian Games's Rail Nation open beta game was translated into Turkish: Travian Games' Rail Nation open beta version game, which was played with 250 thousand online users, is being translated into Turkish, as well as Turkish players from Germany, France, Russia and Scandinavian countries. The new railway game developed by is now opening to all Turkish-speaking players. Rail Nation, a game by Travian Games and its affiliate Bright Future (Miramagia, FIFA Manager 13), is already challenging each other through some servers in Germany, France, Russia, and Scandinavia, before leaving the station for the first open beta trip. . Turkish-speaking railway fans will now be able to play Rail Nation in their own language. All stages of the game have been translated in Turkish.
The strategy game was divided into six consecutive railroad ages and underwent a thorough fine-tuning process during the intense closed-beta phase with thousands of players. Now all interested strategy players and railroad enthusiasts have the opportunity to set up their own railway company, use strategic technical knowledge to create economically viable tools, and form alliances in the form of companies. Players can access the game by going to Rail Nation has a dynamic environmental plan with three-dimensional train models, since movement in the railway business means everything. Every new digital railway businessman develops his own capital and the prestige of his company in direct competition with other companies. Effective routes; In addition to the strategic cleverness, the 40 has to be planned with extensive timelines to transport different goods. Increased profit rates; can be used to build different types of wagons with a fleet of steam, diesel or electronic locomotives. During the game, the company is able to serve in an increasing number of cities and can fight against other players in large-scale transportation competitions.
Based in Munich, Travian Games GmbH is one of the world's leading providers of browser based online gaming. The company offers complex and multi-layered experience worlds that affect customers all over the world with depth of play and guarantee long-term gaming fun. A motivated team of employees working on 230 develops and markets online entertainment for all age groups. The company also operates as a publisher for external developers. All games can be played by millions of users around the world at the same time, without long and expensive downloads. All you need to play is internet access and internet browser. The existing game portfolio of various genres is translated into different languages ​​over the 40 and the games are used by fans who enjoy this long-lasting game entertainment.

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