The Change in the Bagbalıda Continues

Izban Exchange in Torbali Continues: IZBAN, which will provide a great advantage in transportation, will connect Torbali to Izmir. Thanks to the project, which will eliminate the hassle of transferring, transportation will become faster and simpler. Although the project, which will provide great benefit to Torbali, may cause some problems during the construction process, the district will have a different appearance when the process is completed.

The work in the Muratbey neighborhood began to gain momentum. The line to Tepeköy İZBAN station, which was almost finished, was withdrawn last month. The line will be used to switch from the regular train line to the station. In a short period of time the line crossing is expected to close both the ground passage. However, due to the construction of the railway station, the line to the station is also used for the passage of normal trains. With the completion of the station in time, the trains will pass to their line.

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