Topbas Istanbul will have the second largest metro network in the world

Topbaş Istanbul will have the world's second largest metro network: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that in 2019 Istanbul will be the second city with the largest metro network after New York.

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş held an information meeting on the rail system investments at the Haliç Congress Center. Providing information about the rail systems projects completed in Istanbul and ongoing projects, Topbaş said, “Many developed cities of the world have prepared metro systems many years ago and are currently using them. We try to bring this past system to our city by working much more. Considering the 800-kilometer subway network of New York, 500-kilometer subway networks of London and Tokyo, the 400-kilometer subway network of Paris, the biggest subway after New York in the world is the final result of the work we planned and programmed and projected after 2019. The second city with a network will be Istanbul. This is not a dream, this is a project. We implement it step by step. ” used expressions. Pointing out that the people who work in the projects work 30 hours a day, 40-24 meters below the ground, Topbaş said, “I would like to thank those who try to weave Istanbul with iron nets. They are writing a date. We do not know who built the 1873 Tunnel subway but we use it. It meets the important need of the city.

Today, the sweat of the foreheads, but will not know their names. Hay He said. Topbas said that the biggest problem in the metropolitan area is transportation and access problem. Program When we started working in 2004, we designed the future of this city by preparing transportation master programs with our colleagues first. We tried to make life easier for people in the city. The measure of a city's civilization depends on the proportion of people living in that city using public transport.

If public transportation can be used instead of individual vehicles, it is the city civilization. Public transport is a system that provides an important unity for socialization and urbanization. I would like to state that we are excited to move the future of Istanbul to a point that is more different but competing with developed cities. Every person living in this city can reach any point of Istanbul in the future from any point of this city, which is a country. We set this goal everywhere, whether there is a subway or a subway everywhere.

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