First step was taken for Denizli cable car project

The first step was taken for the Denizli cable car project: The first step was taken in the cable car project to be built by Denizli Municipality. The cable car system that will go from Bağbaşı District to Zeytinli Plateau has been tendered. Important to the city of the cable car kazanDenizli Mayor Osman Zolan, who stated that there will be new constructions, said, “At the end of our meticulous planning, we have realized the tender for our ropeway project. This project will not only add color and difference to Denizli's social life, but will also activate tourism in the city center. I believe that our ropeway project will make serious contributions to tourism.” said.

As a result of long-term research, the starting point of the cable car will be in Bagbasi Mahallesi'de and the President Zolan stating that the exit from the Olive, na Bağbaşı Mahallesi'nden from the ropeway to the plateau of Zeytinli plateau can go up. We will reach to the beautiful and magnificent nature of the Zeytinli Plateau with this thousand-meter-long system. Thus, living in Denizlimiz will become even more privileged. Böylece Zolan explained that there will be 300 cabins in the system to be installed and each cabin will be eight people. From the cruise points, sunrise and sunset will be accompanied by the city's magnificent view. Thanks to the cable car, both domestic and foreign tourists and Denizli people will have the opportunity to see our city from different angles. I believe that our citizens will flock to the cable car lines and will take guests from outside the city to the cable car first. This will make a significant contribution to urban tourism. We have completed the tender process. We will deliver the place within a month. Location will be completed within 24 days from the date of delivery. It would be better for our sea already. Şimd

Osman Zolan said that especially the residents of the city need to come together and produce different places for this. He said: an I believe that we chose the most suitable area for this project which is a first in Denizlimiz. For the guests who arrive to the top with the help of the cable car in the selected area, there will be accommodation, shopping, picnic areas and many social activities. I hope that the people who come here will spend their good times together with their loved ones. Ası The thousand 396 meters of cable car between the Bağbaşı City Forest and the Olive Plateau will be able to carry a thousand 2 per hour. When you get on the cable car from the City Forest, the Olive Plateau will be reached within the 6 minutes at the latest.

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