TCDD site was asked to defend the dealer selling illegal fuel

The defense of the dealer that sold illegal fuel to the TCDD construction site was requested: This time the address of the oriental cunning that did not know the limit in fuel fraud was the railroads. Defense of the dealer selling illegal fuel to TCDD construction site in Aydın
Smuggling does not stop in the fuel sector, which causes billions of dollars of tax loss. The penalties published in the Official Gazette of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) revealed the photographs of smugglers. As a result of the inspections, EMRA fined more than a thousand distribution companies and dealers and asked for defense from some. There are those who sell from secret tanks, mix oil with diesel and gasoline, and get caught with the No. 10 oil tanker.

The most remarkable of the punishments came from the audit conducted by Aydın Police Department in 2011. In the inspection performed by Emniyet in Aydın Railways (TCDD) Aydın construction site, illegal fuel sales were determined. Under the investigation, the defense of the dealer who made the sale was requested. It was determined that there was not a sufficient amount of markers used as leak fuel reagent in the sampled engine. In addition, it was stated that the fraudulent product was detected in the analysis of the sample engine at the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center.

Rising prices in fuel oil attract those who want to make money shortly. In the last audits, the findings regarding the addition of fuel and gas oil to gasoline increased. Authorities said that the tax increase in oil number 10, which is the biggest problem of the past years, has stopped the use of this product in fuel oil, "Now 10 number has been replaced by gas and jet fuel." Here are the titles from the penalties:
SOLVENT-OIL MIXED: Adding oil to the engine, adding solvent to many stations.
10 NUMBER OIL DRAINED: It was found that a company in Gaziantep poured mineral oil produced by the station in Burdur.
CONFIDENTIAL TANK: Hidden stations were sold underground fuel at some stations.
UNAUTHORIZED SALES IN THE SEA: The Istanbul Coast Guard Command has determined that a company is making an improper fuel transfer.

EMRA's 2012 Oil Sector Report also revealed the irregularity. Accordingly, in the sector with 12 thousand dealers, 2012 thousand 1.4 fines, amounting to 9 billion TL, were imposed during 304. Istanbul, Ankara and Mersin took the first 3 places in the penalty.

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