TCDD Jumps in the Age in Balikesir

TCDD Balıkesirde Jumping: The foundation of İzmir - Bandırma Electrification and Signalization construction project of İzmir High Speed ​​Train line between Polatlı - Afyon and Balıkesir will be laid by Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs Binali Yıldırım in Afyon.

TCDD will celebrate the 157th anniversary of its establishment by making the foundations and inaugurations of the work carried out in 7 regions. At the ceremony to be held tomorrow at 10.30 by teleconference method, Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Binali Yıldırım, a total of 35 km line consisting of 310 stations between İzmir and Bandırma Ports will be made electrical, signaled and telecommunication system. With the Train Control and Protection System installed at a speed of 160 km / hour, safety will be at the top level in freight and passenger transportation.

With the project that Minister Yıldırım will lay the foundation of, trains between stations will become operable one after another and line capacity will increase significantly. With the project, two major ports of our country will be connected to each other, while the export and import volume of the region will be doubled, and a significant amount of time and money will be saved.

Electrification Tender Price of the line between İzmir (Menemen) - Balıkesir - Bandırma, which has a very important place in railway transportation, is 111.922.658, - TL, and the Signalization Tender Price is 189.054.582, - TL in total, 300.977.240 TL.

The site delivery of the Electrification and Signalization projects, which were delivered to the ground, has been completed, and the Electrification Project will be completed in 20 months, and the Signalization Project in 910 days. Apart from these investments, it was reported that the total project value of 3 separate investments in 2013, especially the establishment of Gökköy Logistics Center within the provincial borders of Tcdd 15rd Regional Directorate, was 124.927.599 TL.

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