Stopping the Ropeway Project Uludag kicks in summer and winter tourism!

The old Uludağ Cable Car, which was started to be built in 1957, was built in the area in the Uludağ National Park, which was later declared a national park. In 1963, Turkey's first cable car going up to Sarıalan from Teferrüç had entered service. For this 4,3 km long ropeway line the bottom of the line was cleared in the 1960s!

Marmara Uludag Turkey's highest mountain, which features the most popular and oldest ski resort still retains. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to provide my wife easily to the tracks in the 2.000 m high hotel area in order to revitalize winter and summer tourism, has decided to renew this lift. The old line length, which was 4,3 km, was increased to 8,8 km. The New Bursa Cable Car, which is twice as long, now reaches the 2nd Hotels Zone. This radical solution, which reduces road transportation and carbon emission rate, is the most convenient and fast way of transportation to the Uludağ Hotels Area.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which decided to use the same line for protection of the environment and security for Sarıalana, gave the construction of the project to Leitner with build-operate-transfer model. 4 thousand trees are being cut into the winter season until the winter season.

Fixed gondola with wind-resistant and fast access to the world The longest cable car project in the world, which should be interrupted for the Bursa Ropeway 3 bin tree in the following items can not be sorted by:

1) It is mandatory to open corridors under the ropeway facilities for access and fire safety. Below are sample photos from various projects in the world.

2) New and qualified 10 tree planting guarantee for every cut tree has been legally granted by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. This plantation has been carried out since 2012.

3) A fire corridor was opened for a 4,6 km line for electricity poles in the forest in the same area.

4) According to the Forest Law No. 6831, which is valid in national parks, the obligation to open fire corridors was provided with this project and measures were taken against possible fires after Sarıalan.

5) Within the scope of the project, the old chairlift line of Çobanayaka- Sarıalan (2,8 km line) was afforested within this scope and transferred to the National Park. kazanwill be raised.

6) It is aimed to protect the environment by taking the share of National Park from the business turnover.

The existing trees cut against all these facts remained in the fire corridor. These billets which can not be collected are harmful to the environment and dry wood that increases the risk of fire. These trees must be removed immediately from the line!

Therefore, the complete cleaning of the line under the New Bursa Ropeway is a technical necessity. 27,3 is a 7,8 acres corridor which will be opened in the UBU National Park. This scientifically made account is the proof that there is no tree massacre in the middle!

L. Ozen


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