Intelligent signaling and tram traffic

Intelligent signaling and tram traffic: Bursa will soon undergo a life of tram and vehicle traffic. The rail system, one of the indispensables of modern societies, will travel to the inner city.
With this modernism, we need to make full use of contemporary systems. In Bursa, it is necessary to switch to the smart signaling system. In this regard, the central government transfers 30 percent of the fines imposed in that city to the municipalities that invest in the electronic traffic system as a source for encouragement. From this source, Istanbul and Ankara metropolitan
While the municipalities are benefiting, the local administrators in Bursa do not think about this.

The newly arrived Governor Munir Karaloğlu has a structure that can grasp the younger age and technology faster than the old governors. It becomes evident with its rapid transition to the topics.
Hopefully the metropolitan municipality bureaucrats and heads of the smart signaling system will not go into the heads. In the last period of the mayor of this city
Hikmet Sahin was preparing to tender. Consultancy and integration work for a foreign company was also awarded. However, the transport business is the project of the relevant consultancy company
Nobody knows, including President Recep Altepe. Let the politicians search for how much money is spent on consulting firms and academics that do not produce a job. My wish,
A moment before the traffic is to switch to a smart signaling system will accelerate the percentage 30.

Write these lines 30 August Victory Day, the official circles in a traffic test on the T-1 line, while the traffic policemen born of indifference. Tram in the morning
He was working in Darmstad streets, around the stadium. In the afternoon, work was done on Six toe. When I got up from Altıparmak in 17 minutes at about 20 pm, I saw the situation.
Traffic teams were helping the tram. However, even though there was only one-lane traffic from the fork to the stadium, the descent of the fork stood still two lanes. The Municipality of Altıparmak has provided different usage possibilities according to traffic without dividing the tram asphalting. However, our traffic teams from Stadium to Fork 20 slow traffic in minutes to see the location of the dubas to change the mind. For this reason, it is necessary to switch to the digital system which detects the intensity in the main arteries of the city, especially the historical axis, through the camera records and shapes the signaling.

Intelligent signaling will produce faster solutions than the reflexes of the traffic teams.

If the municipality is not doing this, the public and non-governmental organizations should put pressure. Even the government considers this smart signaling indispensable in metropolitan areas and transfers 30 percent of the fines as a source, it is not understandable that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has not taken a step in this regard for 3 years. With the tram, maybe smart signaling will come to the fore again.

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