Siemens' supply from Turkish companies exceeded 300 million Euros

Siemen you supply carried out by Turkish company passed the 300 million euros: 157 years of history in Turkey many successful projects scorer, Siemens rapidly increase the amount of supply that performs the companies in Turkey and Turkish suppliers and aims to contribute to the development of SMEs. Turkish companies from a total of 2012 million euros in 300 to supply performs Siemens AS, Siemens, a total of 2023 billion euros in 1 from Turkey aims to signing the purchase.

Operating worldwide in the 190 country, Siemens continues to contribute to national economies with the products it supplies from companies in these countries. Since the mid xnumx'l years operating in Turkey and the need production facilities in both realize that a large scale according to the standard in projects domestic firms items for preferring Siemens has signed to purchase in 1850 from Turkey total 2012 million euros finds.

Siemens Supplier Supply Chain Management were discussed in Turkey Day regulate special events covering all sectors and suppliers serving the department, Siemens realized the last of these events 3 September 2013 date at Swissotel. In the course of the meeting, the representatives of the suppliers of Siemens Supply Chain Management and the details of Siemens' global supply system were shared with the participants.

All day meeting at Siemens AG and Siemens share of the overall strategy of Siemens AS Turkey Siemens CFO Thomas Kolbinger spoke after Turkey's Supply Chain Management Department Director Tugrul Günal wanted passed by in the details of Siemens' procurement policies and suppliers. "The development of SMEs in Turkey and Siemens's much more to contribute to making a purchase, our biggest goal is to Turkey," it Günal, could provide an effective supply chain management enables companies of significant savings and supply, especially in R & D stated that they could transfer to different areas. The event also shared global supply project, the CEO of Siemens AG Suggest Chalabi experiences with Omega Electricity Board Director General Nail Basöz from Basöz Energy makes direct sales centers in Germany from Turkey with other participants. In the Customer Perspective

Acibadem Health Group Biomedical and Purchasing Director Hakan Evsine and Enerjisa Yatırım A.Ş. Director of Thermal and Renewable Projects Ali Nihat Dilek shared his views. In the successful supplier cooperation panel, Balıkesir Elektromekanik A.Ş. Sales Director Rezzak Kanağ and Türk Prysmian A.Ş. Sales Manager Etem Bakaç took the floor. The event ended with awards given to successful suppliers.

2023 goal 1 billion euros

FPL (Forward Procurement List) close to suppliers of 5 thousand global supplier lists from firms and is currently the world with volume throughout the buying 33 billion Euros are also included approximately 100 companies from Turkey in Siemens AG's procurement list. With the Global Supply Summit event held last year, Siemens has been accelerating its efforts to increase the share of Turkish companies. Siemens, 200 million Euro Siemens AG, 70 Million Euro Siemens A.Ş. 240 million euros, the volume of procurement carried out by Turkey, aimed at the removal of 310 years 2023 billion euros. Turkey still; 1 is among the 50 countries after the analysis on the growth rate of the economies, the rate of import coverage of exports, number of university students, worker costs and productivity. is in order.

Siemens' purchase needs do not appear only because of the projects it undertakes. Within the scope of the corporate needs, raw materials, semi-finished products and products are purchased within the scope of production needs while purchasing the materials and services required in all parts of Siemens. Being among the suppliers of Siemens does not only make companies stronger in financial terms. Companies that make improvements in their facilities in line with the criteria demanded by Siemens have the chance of being more powerful in different markets. The suppliers that strengthen their image both in national and international markets have also directed to R & D activities by employing both employment and

more advantageous for introducing more innovative products to the market.

"We are increasing the strength of companies in Turkey"

Siemens Turkey who share their views after the event Supply Chain Management Department Director Tugrul Günal, with many companies supply products and services that contribute to the Turkish economy, the stronger I become, he said. together with Turkey's leading Supply Chain Management company they are trying to establish the Association also pointed out Günal; he stressed that the principles of supply chain management would be expanded with this association, that it would contribute to the development of the profession and science in this field, and that awareness of sustainability in supply chain management would be established.

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