SAMULAŞ Made New Regulations For School Season

SAMULAŞ made a new arrangement for the school season: SAMULAŞ, attached to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, stated that various arrangements were made in tram, express and ring lines in order to respond to the transportation demands expected to be activated with the opening of schools. According to the statement of SAMULAŞ General Directorate, 16 6 will start to move in the 5 every minute of the trams running in the peak hours of XNUMX in the peak hours of September.

In addition, last year, the last hour of the tram movement 23.15 this year will be at 23.45 the last movement time. R10, R11 and R12 rings will also move late. On the other hand, 9 will pass R7 Wedge ring, R8 Atakent - Alanlı ring, R9 Demirkent ring, R10 Pelitköy - Büyükoyumca ring and R12 Çatalçam - Taflan ring fall program on September Monday. R10 In Pelitköy ring, service frequency is increased to a great extent and during the peak hours a bus movement is provided in 15 minutes. With the route arrangement, buses will only move from the university station.

In the R12 ring, by the end of the Feast of Sacrifice, a bus will continue to get off to the beachfront resorts. Since the region, which was only settled as a summer settlement in the previous years, became a region that started to be used in summer and winter in the recent period, although the number of voyages in the winter months will be reduced, it will continue to provide transportation to the coastal band. The surprise of the R7 ring was the addition of the Ahullu neighborhood. For the first time, the ring bus will arrive in the morning and evening.

Noting that the service frequency of the express buses operating between the Ondokuzmayıs University - Stat Junction will increase as of September 16, the officials emphasized that the express service frequency, which was once every 10 minutes before, will decrease to 8 minutes during peak hours in the new period. Stating that the fall program will start on Saturday, September 4 in R5, R6 and R14 rings, SAMULAŞ officials said, “While Baruthane - Research Hospital flights will be canceled in R4 ring, R6 ring, which will serve between Türkiş - Research Hospital for the first time, will start operating. This ring will follow the route Balaç - Beypınar - Degik - Otogar - Çatalarmut - Research Hospital over the newly opened Atakum - Ring road connection. Passengers living in Atakum will thus be able to reach the Research Hospital within 20 minutes. " made the explanation.

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