Response from Tülomsaş Workers to Deputy Kurt's Descriptions

Reaction to the deputies of the deputies Kurt Tülomsaş Response: Republican People's Party (CHP) Eskişehir deputy Kazım Kurt Tülomsaş comments about the work of the workers came the reaction.
Deputy Kurt thought of the discourse that Tülomsaş'a harming the workers made a press statement. Speaking on behalf of the workers gathered in front of Tülomsaş Eskişehir Railway-Work Union Branch President Ayhan Karavil, CH The source of our city for a while Tülomsaş'a Republican People's Party (CHP) Eskisehir deputy Kazim Kurt, we are watching the unfortunate statements. We cannot understand what these explanations mean to Kurt, who will not benefit Tülomsaş workers. A large organization like Tülomsaş can not be scribed just because it is a political agenda material and its employees cannot be humiliated. We do not consider it appropriate to adopt politics over our work and our efforts. Tülomsaş'la these unjustified statements made us deeply hurt and broken. We want support from our politicians. Tülomsaş worker has the knowledge and experience to make all of the railway vehicles when they are given the opportunity and support İmkan.
Clove said, “Tülomsaş is our bread boat, it is sacred. All our efforts are to create added value that can be beneficial to our city and our country, and to bring another person bread ”.

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