Rail transportation in Egypt took heavy

Railway transportation in Egypt was heavy: the security weakness in the country and the ongoing violent incidents have been hitting the railway. It has been reported that trains that could not be carried out for three weeks caused 13,2 million-dollar damage so far.

The security weakness and ongoing violence in Egypt throughout the country hit the railway transportation in the country. It has been stated that the train services that have not been made for three weeks have caused a loss of 13,2 million dollars so far.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Egypt Railways Operations General Manager Hüseyin Fadali stated that train services from the capital Cairo to the southern and northern provinces of the country could not be carried out for three weeks due to the attacks targeting the railways.

"We stopped the train services in line with the instructions of the security units," Fadali said, adding that some armed groups destroyed passenger and freight trains by burning 1,72 million dollars in loss, and 11,48 million dollars in operational losses due to the failure of the flights. Noting that the total loss increased to 13,2 million dollars, Fadali said, "Continuing the situation in this way will cause great economic losses."

Fadali, who did not give an exact date on when the train services will start, said, “We will act according to the instructions from the police officials. If trains are allowed to run, preparations can be completed within 72 hours, ”he said.

Political instability and violence that began after the removal of Egypt's first elected president, Mohammed Morsi, from his post as a result of a military coup hit the country's economy heavily. While the tourism sector, one of Egypt's main sources of income, suffered a great loss due to the security weakness in the country, attacks on freight and passenger trains and railway lines also put the transportation sector in a difficult situation.

Source : haberciniz.biz

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