The Problems of Box Office Officers in Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Commuter Line

Problems of Toll Officers on Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Suburban Line: As it is known, Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş suburban flights, which have not been carried out for about 2 years, resumed on 29 July 2013.

It is said that these flights will continue until March 2014.

With the commencement of these flights, the box office officers who were distributed to various workplaces within the framework of the required box office services were recalled. When it was found to be insufficient, the box office officers working in other Regional Directorates were assigned as proxy.

During this period, some problems have arisen regarding working conditions. These problems mainly focus on the conditions of attorney assignment, workplaces and guest houses:

1-Power of Attorney

Proxy assignments to be made from other regions and workplaces should be made after all the box office officers working at the central offices of Ankara are called. Because it is known that toll officers who are Ankara personnel still work in other jobs.

Similarly, in the appointments made by the Regional Directorates, the lists announced are not followed and some of the personnel named in the list do not come for various reasons. It should be ensured that the personnel who are declared except for the excuse have to be assigned.

The duration of the attorneys of the personnel assigned to the power of attorney should be arranged in a way that does not cause any inconvenience and the same for all.

Volunteering should be the basis for assigning attorneys. Then other staff should be assigned.

A second mandate should be avoided for some personnel when there are no personnel who have never been represented.

2- Problems with workplaces:

Box office booths are very narrow. Not suitable for heating and cooling conditions. At the stations we work with, there are no facilities to meet our needs such as toilets, sinks, meals and tea.

The lack of a security guard in some stations constitutes a security vulnerability.

3- Accommodation issue:

The attorney is staying in Ankara Gar dormitory and guest house. The dormitory has to be renovated and renovated, so the conditions for staying are suitable. But the same situation unfortunately does not apply to the guest house.

Guest rooms are very narrow. 6-7 m2 rooms have 3 beds. Rest and sleep is very limited in these rooms, as shift work is in progress.

The guesthouse and rooms are not hygienic. The beds are old and dusty, the carpets are ripped all over and are in dirt. It is usual to encounter insects in the room and guest house.

This guesthouse is far from decent accommodation.

All of these problems have become a punishment for the personnel assigned by proxy.

Solving the above-mentioned problems and ensuring equality are of great importance in terms of ensuring business peace and satisfaction. We demand that the necessary actions are taken as soon as possible and that the personnel are given more fair, equitable and decent working conditions.

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