Proposal for Marmaray

Marmaray's Recommendation: Prime Minister Erdogan, Marmaray's engineer seat at the beginning of this month, under the Bosphorus, the European side of the passed. Erdoğan announced that Marmaray, announced as the project of the century, will open 29 in October; however, the allegations and claims related to the project are not over.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Kadir Gökmen Öğüt, who previously asked the Prime Minister Erdogan about the various claims that were reflected to the public, asked the allegations that this time there was a vertical deviation in one of the tunnel units that should not have a militia deviation. Expressing that he still has not received any answers to the questions in his proposal, which he presented last May, Öğüt from Öğüt also brought up the allegations he brought to the corner of the Marmaray Project, based on the documents held by the author of a national newspaper.

1) 11. Öğüt who asked whether or not the 7 centimeter vertical deviation is correct in his unit, also asked the following questions in his motion:

2) Despite the fact that DLH Istanbul Regional Manager Haluk İbrahim Özmen asked for the erroneous deviation in the 7th unit to disassemble and replace the unit, why did the producer companies do the necessary action and instead of filling the unit from the beginning?

3) In the light of the knowledge that the insertion and placement in the tunnel should be perfect and not deviated from the shaft, what kind of results would have a deviation in this way?

4) 7. When and what is the vertical deviation in the unit? Are there reports prepared by experts on the reliability of this filling material? Who has been prepared by?

5) Is it true that there is no confirmation from the professors from the specialist professors or TMMOB from the transportation, tunnel, earthquake rows that the error is corrected by filling method instead of correcting it from the beginning and that this will not cause any problems (accident etc.) in their province? If it is true, what is its justification?

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