New wagon sets of Izmir created a bond of friendship between the two countries

Izmir's new wagon sets formed a friendship bond between the two countries: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's new wagon sets bought from China for the metro created a new friendship link between the two countries.

According to the agreement, 30 Chinese technicians sent to İzmir with a 15-month warranty period of the wagon sets got used to the city in a short time. The guest Chinese, who were given Turkish names by their Turkish friends because of their difficult names, learned Turkish customs in a short time. On the days of leave, they went to the historical Kizlaragasi Inn, drinking Turkish coffee and playing backgammon and became "" one of us "." was a matter of curiosity. The television team from China reported the lives of 15 Chinese workers who are now "one of us". BIZ HIM "" THE "" DIYORUZ1,5 years in Izmir and friends of the "" is that "" name called Xiao Xian, said Turkey and Izmir especially liked so much. “” Chinese Eren ”, who also learned to speak Turkish,“ ”I was most impressed by the warmth of people and the landscape in Izmir. Your food is very good. I made very good friendships here. I get along very well with my colleagues. I want to stay in Izmir for many more years. Our greatest pleasure in our days of leave is playing backgammon and drinking Turkish coffee. ”" After the agreement of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the Chinese CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, the first train sets came on June 14, 2011. As of November 1, 2011, expert personnel from China started to work with Turkish workers in Izmir. As per the agreement, 30 workers and an administrative and technical staff will be present in Izmir to interfere with malfunctions in train sets during the 15-month warranty period.

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