New Vatmans Started Training in Gaziantep

New Vatmans Training Started in Gaziantep: The theoretical and practical training of the vatman, who will serve in the third phase of the rail system, has started. Deputy General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality Settar Çanlıoğlu, Deputy Head of Transportation and Rail System Department Ömer Yalım, GAMEK (Gaziantep Vocational Courses) General Coordinator Ramazan Dündar 's training as a speaker will be held between 09 September and 28 December 2013.

Ömer Yalım, Deputy Head of Transportation and Rail System Department, said, “We have been transferred to our city by our Metropolitan Municipality. kazanThe work of the 3rd phase of the Rail System, which has been announced, continues at a great pace. As in the other stages, we will continue to provide quality, comfortable and modern transportation services to our citizens in the 3rd stage of İbrahimli. In this context, we have started the theoretical and practical training of our trainee candidates, who will serve on our trams, as of today. Quality equipment and quality personnel are the sine qua non of transportation, which is one of the units of our municipality that come into contact with the citizens.

Reminding the new vatman candidates that each of them represents the face of the municipality, Ömer Yalım said, “I expect you to remember that you, our valuable friends, who will entrust 300 lives, are responsible for the security of life and property of our citizens, so you will participate in the trainings with this sensitivity.”

In his speech, Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Settar Çanlıoğlu said, “We are here to serve the people of Gaziantep, and you are a member of our family. We will continue to serve Gaziantep people better with you. ”

GAMEK (Gaziantep Vocational Courses) General Coordinator Ramazan Dündar said that they added a new one to GAMEK to their training support to the Metropolitan Municipality.

Dundar, within the scope of patriarch training for the behavior of nurses and communication training, especially for a healthy relationship GAMEK trainers by the 16 week by the program said they will implement the program.

The training, which started in the Metropolitan Municipality Çetin Emeç Meeting Hall and lasted for a total of 16 weeks, was attended by 16 vatman candidates, 60 of which were women.

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