Mudurnuda Train Station

Mudurnuda Train Station: Mudurnu, Göynük districts will pass through the geography of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT), the readers are following, in particular, my dear friend Lütfi Erkan GÖKÇE electronic messages from my brother and I know the questions from the street friends.

In March 2013 month; Our column writers Şenda AKSUNGUR hanımın and de Yener BANDAKÇIOĞLU about the columns written by my brother, I wrote the article titled FAKRIMI'S BLACK TRAIN. (Bolu Agenda / 06 July 2013) I wish that this article will be the last article on TRAIN, and we have repeated our wish for a station in the immediate vicinity of MUDURNU and forwarded our request to the deputies and all politicians for this matter.

Anyway, it is possible to learn this side of the business by studying past articles and newspapers. Let's start from the beginning and look at the news published in Bolu Gündem on September 08, 2011: NEWS MAIN TITLE; Where will the High Speed ​​Train pass in Bolu? NEWS SUBTITLE; High Speed ​​Train is planned to pass through Mudurnu and Göynük. In summary in the details of the news; It was reported that the high-speed train route was Ankara- Ayaş-Beypazarı- Çayırhan-Nallıhan-Mudurnu- Göynük- Taraklı- Geyve- Adapazarı and the statements of Mudurnu Mayor Mehmet İNEGÖL and REQUEST FOR A TRAIN STATION IN MUDURNU were carefully emphasized.

What I need to follow my e-mail message benim What's News on the Land Trend?. And my desire to follow my idea made me pursue the business. The establishment of this railway station in MUDURNU, and ALWAYS BIKIP USANMADAN continues the work of the Mayor Mr. Mehmet INEGOL my friend;

- The President, is there any doubt that this train line will pass through MUDURNU? What are the latest developments? Our readers wonder? Can we identify the situation with an official document? The answer I received was that the answer was;

-Kemal Bey, our municipality, 11-2013.Nisan.88587340 and 09-878 / XNUMX, MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT AND URBANIZATION (General Directorate of Environmental Impact Assessment Permit and Inspection) we have written a letter to you, you can get information from there and said thanks to us and sent the article . Here are the important notes and information from the OFFICIAL WRITING:

The high speed train on the websites of the Ministry of Transport and other news sites, and the news of the Ankara-Istanbul fast train line is full of changes that are confusing and often hesitant. For this reason, I would like to emphasize this naming convention for this section of the line. The full name of the line is as follows; SİNCAN-ÇAYIRHAN-İSTANBUL DEMİRYOLU Ankara Kocaeli Section Project.

From here we clearly understand that; Our station demand in Mudurnu, near BOLU; It should be followed within the framework of YHT Ankara-Kocaeli Section Project. As it can be understood from the ongoing studies on environmental problems, it is not too late for this demand to be realized üzere All politicians need effort in this regard !!

In the last paragraph of the Mudurnu Municipality's article, the statement and the request that I wrote below have been included in the pages of history as a REQUEST OF OUR BOLU HUMANITY, and those who contributed to the positive results will also be included in HISTORY. We can't finish the page with pages Başkan But if we return to the last paragraph of Mudurnu Mayor's article on ENVIRONMENT and ECOLOGICAL measures:

Yes, in the last paragraph in the article of our beloved President Mehmet İNEĞÖL, we are making this demand and we remind the POLITICS again;

. ER Since there is no other station in the center of the city, which is located in the middle point between two different stations, we should consider the fact that our case is evaluated as our corporate vision. Mehmet INEGOL.Mudurnu Mayor.. 11.04.2013

Sir, stay healthy. Your book is plenty, but also a train station in MUDURNU ..!

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