Metro Devotional nuisance

The troublemaker of Metro Adana: Bekir Sıtkı Özer, CHP Adana Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Candidate, said that Adana was left behind in all respects.

Explaining that he will protect the subcontractor workers, Adana has been left behind in all respects, and that some of the praised investments bring damage to Adana instead of profit, Özer emphasized that when Adana is photographed, the most troublesome investment stands out as the metro.

Özer stated that Adana will pay the subway debt until 2023, the state will pay the debts that it cannot pay due to the treasury guarantee and therefore the Metropolitan Municipality will pay debt to the treasury this time by 2030.

“Metro loses 50 thousand TL every day. The route is very bad. During the 2nd stage, it should be enriched with main arteries. The subway, which divided the city into two like a Chinese wall, prevented the neighbor from going to the neighbor, and also destroyed the tradesmen. Planning is not made according to the population development rate in Adana. Metro is a system that takes place without taking population density as a basis. On the other hand, Adana looks like a slum. There is no land production in the city, which receives immigration rapidly. Houses were built in bad conditions in the city full of dead-end streets. The municipality, on the other hand, becomes a victim of lack of planning in some services. For example, Atatürk Street is being dug many times. Finally, it is stated that ASKI has excavated to separate rain and sewage water, but these works need to be planned in advance. Wasting resources is caused by digging streets over and over again. The resources of the people in Adana must be used correctly. The current administration is trying to keep the pulse of the public with exaggerated advertisements. The current vice president is calculating from which party he can be a candidate instead of producing services. The Prime Minister hands over the Ankara metro to the Ministry of Transport, but does not turn to Adana.

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