Light Rail System Coming to Manisa Traffic

Manisa Traffic Light Rail System is coming: In order to ease the city traffic in Manisa and provide easy transportation for citizens, Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa, started to work for the creation of a light rail system in the city center.

Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa welcomed the experts in his field to exchange information on the light rail system planned to be destroyed in order to eliminate the traffic density of the city. Manisa Municipality Transport Services Manager Mümin Deniz was also present.

Stating that Manisa is growing rapidly and accordingly it is a city that constantly receives immigrants, Manisa Mayor Ergün said, “We have previously stated in various environments that after our city became a metropolitan city, there should be a light rail system. We think that this system will relieve city traffic. We exchanged views with company officials regarding the idea of ​​taking a step towards this. We will take more concrete steps in this regard in the coming periods. Light rail system in public transportation to our city kazanWe are thinking of going up,” he said.

City traffic at a certain point of the day even the deadlock, adding that the President Ergun, to solve this problem as the Municipality of Manisa said they were ready to do their part. Then the company officials gave information to President Ergün about the similar work done in various provinces. Ergün listened carefully to the company officials and asked questions and received detailed information about the light rail system.

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