Maçka Taşkışla Cable Car Line

masha taskisla on the cable car
masha taskisla on the cable car

The Maçka Taşkışla Cable Car Line, which was put into service on April 11, 1993, provides service between Taksim Taşkışla and Maçka. On the Maçka Taşkışla Cable Car Line with a line length of 347 meters, you can travel with a view…

11 The cable car which is in service on April 1993 and is located between Taksim Taşkışla and Maçka, is located on the Democracy Park and Beyoğlu Marriage Department. offers arbitrary.

Business Information

  • Opening Date: 11.04. 1993
  • Line Length: 347 m
  • Number of Stations: 2
  • Number of Wagons: 4
  • Duration: 3,5 Min
  • Operating Hours: 08: 00 / 19: 00
  • Number of Guests per Day: 1.000 Passenger / Day
  • Daily Trip Number: 90
  • Expedition Time: 5 min at peak hour

Station Structures

6 is a one-way 2 cabin with interlocking and two-station overhead line system. Each line has two ropes, one of which is a carrier and one is attractive.

Between the two stations on the democracy park between Maçka and Taşkışla there is a total carrying capacity of 333.5 persons in one direction on a line of 12 meters. In the event of a power failure, the expedition must be supplemented with a generator supply for completion. Two brakes of hydraulic lift act on two sides of the drive pulley.

At the moment of braking, a brake is triggered, the second brake is triggered when the speed is reduced and is stopped at the station. The speed of entering the stations to the stations is controlled and controlled by a distance detector in the direction of the entrance of the station shoes.

On both sides of each station, the cab is stopped by the hydraulic stop at the end of the cab. This is done safely with two distance detectors.

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