Tram struck in Eskişehir lost his life

The child who was hit by the tram in Eskişehir lost his life: In Eskişehir, the tram hit Salih Şirin, 9, who was trying to cross the road. The corpse of the child who died under the tram could be removed from the place where he was stuck after about 1.5 hours of work.

According to the information received, the tram, which made the SSK-Bus Terminal voyage of its driver, was hit by Salih Şirin (9), who was trying to cross the road on the Cumhuriyet Boulevard in Alanönü District.

Smurf trapped under the tram, lost his life at the scene.

The corpse of Sirin was removed from his location as a result of approximately 1.5 hours of effort by fire crews and Eskişehir Light Rail Tram Operations (ESTRAM) officers who came to the scene. Şirin's body was sent to the morgue of Eskişehir State Hospital for an autopsy.

Meanwhile, the citizens gathered at the scene reacted by claiming that Sirin's body was removed late under the tram and that Metropolitan Municipality did not take adequate security measures on the tram route.

Citizens closed the tram route because of the incident came to the riot teams. Transportation was provided by buses when the group did not leave the tram route.

On the other hand, it was learned that Salih Şirin, who was studying at Yunus Emre Primary School, had an accident while visiting a relative of the crime scene.

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