LEITNER ropeways builds largest DirectDrive technology in Kitzbühel

LEITNER ropeways builds the largest DirectDrive technology in Kitzbühel: The new Wagstättbahn GD10 system underscores numerous technical features.

LEITNER ropeways continues successful cooperation with Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel in the 2013 / 14 winter season. building facility. The new Wagstättbahn GD2013 ropeway plant is replacing the 10 seat of the Wagstätt chairlift and the Wurzhöhe telescope, reaching two places from Jochberg to Wurzhöhe. In both parts, a shared system will be managed by bu DirectDrive say from the medium station by double-grooved driving rollers, and the tension of the two sections will be made separately in the valley and mountain stations. The newly developed DirectDrive will be used in the system with a drive power of 2 kW and with operating torque 880 kNm. Truly quiet driving is controlled by the LeitDrive frequency converter, which is specially designed for the DirectDrive needs. This is an environment-friendly and useful application that has introduced a new standard in driving technology with liquid cooling system. The resulting excess heat, using heat exchangers again, helps to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Wagstättbahn GD10 will be operational in the winter season. With the new Wagstätt GD10, the Kitzbühel Ski Center will use the DirectDrive system, a LEITNER ropeways product in a total of seven rope transport systems.

The manufacturer of roped transport is also an official partner of the Hahnenkamm Races in Kitzbühel. Since 2013, the races have been called ner Hahnenkamm Races ew carried by Leitner Ropeways. In this exclusive content, the company is best placed as a rope transportation manufacturer with an emphasis on its high quality.

Kitzbühel (Austria) Photo of GD10 Wagstättbahn - 1. Section (2013)
System: GD10
Horizontal length: 1.168 m
Grade difference: 386 m
Capacity: 2.400 person / hour
Number of Cabinets: 35
Number of Poles: 9
Speed: 6 m / s

GD10 Wagstättbahn - 2. Section (2013)
Online: GD10
Horizontal length: 1.300 m
Grade difference: 408 m
Capacity: 2.400 person / hour
Number of Cabinets: 37
Number of Poles: 10
Speed: 6 m / s