The man hit by the train dies in Kütahya

In Kütahya, the man who was hit by the train died: Ali Rıza Açıkgöz, 76 years old, who was hit by the locomotive in Tavsanli District of KUTAHYA, broke his toes. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, Açıkgöz, who was taken to the hospital, could not be saved.

The incident occurred yesterday at 20.00 in Tavsanli's Karakova neighborhood. Ali Rıza Açıkgöz, who wanted to cross the railway line where there was no level crossing, was the locomotive diameter under the direction of the mechanic Bülent Turgut from Kütahya to the center of Tavsanli. The medical team in charge of 112 ambulances arriving at the scene of Açıkgöz, where the locomotive broke off his left toes, made the first intervention. Five fingers of the severed left leg of Açıkgöz were found on the rails, being torn apart.

With the broken fingers, Tavsanli Assoc by ambulance. Dr. Ali Rıza Açıkgöz, who was taken to Mustafa Kalemli Hospital, lost his life despite all the efforts of the doctors.

After the incident, the mechanic Bülent Turgut was taken to the police station and was released after taking his statement. The investigation into the incident is continuing.

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