Land Train Trump Bees History

Black Train Folk Song Becomes History: On the 157th anniversary of the establishment of TCDD, within the scope of “7 Big Projects in 7 Regions”, the foundation of İzmir - Bandırma signaling electrification was laid in Balıkesir Train Station.

Governor Ahmet Turhan, Ak Party Deputy Chairman and Balıkesir Deputy Ahmet Edip Uğur, deputies Cemal Öztaylan and Ali Aydınlıoğlu and TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Selim Koçbay.

Very big contribution

Governor Turhan, the Minister called Lightning, "Our pain, expressing our absence" Black train is delayed, maybe never come "folk song you forget. We will modernize the 310 kilometer train line between İzmir and Bandırma with the signaling and electrification project we will base on. This will reach the 160 mileage speed. This investment will make an enormous contribution to the industry and tourism of our region. Istanbul-Izmir highway with an hour, Istanbul 2.5 hour will be down, '' he said.


With the project, a total of 35 kilometers of line consisting of 310 stations between Izmir and Bandırma ports becomes electrical, signaled and telecommunication system. With the train control and protection system installed at a speed of 160 km / h, confidence and comfort in freight and passenger transportation will be raised to the highest level. The electrification tender price of the line between İzmir (Menemen) - Balıkesir - Bandırma was 111 million 922 thousand 658, the signaling tender price was 189 million 54 thousand 582, a total of 300 million 977 thousand 240 TL.

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