Experts from Sweden Visited Marmaray and Haliç Metro Bridge

Marmaray Breaks a Record in the Number of Daily Passengers
Marmaray Breaks a Record in the Number of Daily Passengers

Foreign experts from Sweden visited the Golden Horn Metro Bridge and Marmaray under the management of Globalist DMC Travel Agency and got information from the authorities. The Marmaray Project, which is Turkey's worldwide project, and the Metro Bridge passing over the Golden Horn attract the attention of foreign expert organizations. In the coming months, it has been reported that the third bridge to be built in Istanbul will be flooded by foreign experts from abroad. Foreign experts from Sweden visited the Golden Horn Metro Bridge and Marmaray and got information from the authorities.


The group consisting of Swedish architects, engineers and journalists who came to Istanbul with a program organized by Süleyman Gök, the owner of the Globalist DMC Travel Agency, first visited the Metro Bridge in Haliç. Authorities said the Metro Bridge was inspired by the drawings of the Bosphorus Bridge drawn by Leonardo Vinci. They pointed out that the towers of the bridge did not spoil the city's silhouette as it was built in the form of a minaret.

Afterwards they visited Marmaray and received information from the authorities. Suleyman Gok reported that they brought groups from abroad to visit Marmaray every week.

Mr. Süleyman Gök stated that the demands have increased and belir Giant investments in Istanbul attract the attention of the world. Last year the British group came to visit Atatürk Airport. This year, the Golden Horn Bridge and Marmaray Project demands are coming. But 29 has started restrictions on the visits of Marmaray, which is planned to be opened in October.

During the visit of the Golden Horn Bridge, details of the bridge made by the experts in the Swedish group were explained.
Later, the food was eaten at Üsküdar Kanaat Restaurant.

Information about the construction of Marmaray was given in the meeting hall at Haydarpaşa Port. All the details of Marmaray, which was prepared for the opening on October 29, were explained for about an hour, first on models and then with barcovision by the engineers. Later, Marmaray was shown to the Swedish group that went underground at Üsküdar Station.

However, it has been reported that Marmaray, which has been on trial voyages with the wagons that have been lowered to the rails since August, was closed to all personnel for safety reasons, since the sections extending under the sea were supplied with electricity. The employees at the station said that they will train Marmaray on October 29. One of the tunnels of Marmaray was named Atatürk and the other Yavuz.

The thousands of years old skeletons unearthed in the Yenikapı excavations of Marmaray, the church and tumulus unearthed in the Üsküdar excavation, the Roman Bath unearthed in Sirkeci, and the ruins of the old harbor unearthed in Yenikapı have served Marmaray to culture. Byzantine coins found in Yenikapı excavation were put in the museum.

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