Istanbul's password 29 minutes

Istanbul password 29 minutes: Kadir Topbaş spoke to Hürriyet before the voting on September 2020, when the city to host the 7 Olympic Games will be determined.

Stating that the work continues at a great pace, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor said, mes If the Olympics are in Istanbul, the maximum length of time a athlete will be transported to the sporting area at the longest distance will be 29 minutes Çalış.

Fateful Day for ISTANBUL 7 September cak 7 will be held in Argentina's capital Buenos Aires in September. The host city of the 2020 Olympic Games will be announced. If Istanbul wins, the International Olympic Committee will recognize the mayor of the Başkan host city ğı as a ”host Eğer and hand the flag to Kadir Topbaş, the Mayor of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Topbas hosted Hürriyet in the Florya Municipal Facilities and met with Metropolitan Deputy Mayor Göksel Gümüşdağ and shared his thoughts.
Let's express from the beginning that we will write the last time. Mayor Kadir Topbaş answered every question so carefully that it could have a negative impact on Istanbul's candidacy. sözcüHe carefully avoided things ...

Do you feel ready before travel to Argentina? I mean by yourself, of course, Istanbul Kendiniz
- I perceived the expression 'yourself' as Istanbul already… When asked how are you, I am someone who says 'I am like Istanbul'. Yes, Istanbul is ready… We made all our plans. 2020 Istanbul is a milestone where almost the entire population will use only the metro for transportation. Our goal of "Subway everywhere, subway everywhere" will be realized on this date. We presented this investment plan to the Olympic Committee. All our projects are ready.


What are the advantages of ISTANBUL?
- You know that the world is shaken by economic crises, many developed countries are experiencing serious difficulties, they cannot make big moves in terms of investments. Unemployment is particularly painful in some European countries. But Turkey has made a great move, especially in the last 10 years, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership. We have become a country that can stand on its feet in economy. That is why we can easily say that we will have put into use a new metro line almost every year in Istanbul… These are easy investments in language. One kilometer of the metro is around 100 trillion with the old expression ...

If you do not take the Olympics in Istanbul, even though these investments will be done. If we don't get the Olympics, doesn't that break your request?
- As Istanbul, the works that are already in our program in terms of transportation investments and sports facilities are enough to meet most of the requirements for the Olympics. In other words, whether it is the host of the Olympics or not, Istanbul will be enriched with huge investments. Our will is never broken.


What are our most powerful points in the OLYMPIC race?
- In the last 10 years in Turkey and everyone is aware of the great changes taking place in Istanbul, Istanbul ... If you can not remain a major finals stage floor had he not, he would not enter into the pot along with Tokyo and Madrid. But our work program, which we have put forward in line with the 2023 targets, points to a much different level. Istanbul will witness a development that goes beyond the requirements of hosting the Olympics.

Can you give a concrete example?
- Let me tell you very briefly that everyone should remember ... In 2020, the year of the Olympics, we will have a much more modern and developed metro system than the London and Paris subway as Istanbul, and in 2023 we will have achieved our goal of a metro longer than 800 kilometers. If we go at this pace, Istanbul will be the top city in line with 2023 goals.

Our successes have been appreciated

What will it bring to Istanbul?
- Look what we were going to win, yes, the Olympics are a great opportunity for Istanbul and Turkey. We have everything to give to the Olympics as much as the Olympics will give us. We have demonstrated our ability in major international organizations and sports events that we host. The success we have displayed has been appreciated. Of course, there will be a serious economic contribution. We will see its positive effect on tourism. Employment will come alive.

Our guarantees are very robust

The economic dimension of the Olympics is also discussed. What saves the Olympic Istanbul?
- As a nation, we believe and trust in our culture, history, and depth of civilization. Frankly, I don't see the Olympics as just a sports organization or an economic activity. This would be a narrow perspective. Yunus Emre's lines 'Let's meet / Make it easy / Love and be loved / The world is left for no one' are magnificent. If there is such a thing as the Olympic spirit, Yunus' message will breathe a fresh, brand new breath into this soul. We say that we are a nation that has proven its quality in hospitality, in the practice of living in peace with different cultures, respecting the beliefs of another.

This is the capital city of empires

What will change in the life of Istanbul?
- Of course, our concentration will increase even more if we get the hosts of the Olympics. The desire to show our achievements, change and development to the whole world will be added to our excitement of service. Istanbul is a city in the world showcase… I'm not just saying it for today. It has been like this for centuries… A center with a history of 8 years, which has been the capital of empires… That's why we say that Istanbul is the city that best reflects the Olympic spirit… We are assertive in this, we cannot show humility… We know our history and culture. Istanbul is a city of peace. Also, all our foreign guests coming to Istanbul express their admiration. Is it possible not to admire such richness, depth of history and civilization?

”Forget about the basic horse sonra has passed

What about sports facilities?
Sports Minister Suat Kilic Mr.'ll see in the description, 2013 years 800 close to the ongoing construction of sports facilities in the official investment program in Turkey. As you know, 'forget about basic' then passed. Our Prime Minister is very sensitive. He doesn't even agree with ground-breaking ceremonies. Coming to openings, cutting the ribbon. As İstanbul BŞB, we have made 143 gym in Istanbul. We will do some fine workmanship at the sports facilities for the Olympics. With the latest facilities of the technology, facilities will be shown in the world.

History is our wealth

Every year 1 brings more than 100 million square meters of active green space to ISTANBUL. Now we add the metropolitan parks.
In 2020, Istanbul will have a very different point in terms of green areas. Of course, Istanbul means history, civilization.
Our historical artifacts are our greatest wealth. We restore the Anemaz Dungeons and Tekfur Palace from Byzantium. The works of the Ottoman Empire are being restored.
Those who have been destroyed, those who have been destroyed are being revived. On the one hand, while environmental and historical values ​​stand out, there are serious investments in tourism and trade.

A different city will appear in 2020

Uz We are constantly introducing new metro lines. We're making new ones. When it comes to 2020, Istanbul will not have a single square that has not been organized. X

Do you find BIG goals, do you find these goals realistic?
- These are not dreams. We say what we do. Everyone sees. We are constantly commissioning new metro lines. Request KadıköyEagle eagle. The longest and biggest metro investment in the history of the Republic. Here is the Esenler-Bağcılar-İkitelli-Olimpiyatköy metro. We have completed them and put them into service. Üsküdür-Ümraniye-Sancaktepe-Çekmeköy-Taşdelen subway is completed in 2015. As a world record, we complete it in 39 months in a period to be recorded.
Now, in September, we are going to tender for Mahmutbey-Mecidiyeköy subway. Then this line goes to Bahçeşehir on the one hand and Beşiktaş on the other, Kabataş and it will reach Karaköy. 'Haliç Metro Pass' comes into play. Marmaray starts serving on October 29. By 2020, Istanbul will not have a single unedited square.

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