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Istanbul and metro: The world's first subway system was opened in 1863 in London if we don't count our tunnel. Today London Underground, with its length of 404 km, provides great convenience to every point of the city.
Paris and New York subways are famous for their practical use and widespread use ... Even a foreigner can easily find his way.
Apart from these three metropolitan cities, I used metros from Berlin to Stockholm, from Moscow to Athens and from different cities. I'm also very familiar with the metro line, which is very late in Istanbul.
Well, until you reach the subway stop, how much time is gone, how much time is spent, Istanbulites know best ...

Like an election campaign
Yesterday, an advertisement was published on the first page of almost every newspaper. Büyükşehir, Istanbul, which is done and announced which lines are made. Not only through announcements and news, but a huge campaign started with the slogan ıyla Metro everywhere, metro everywhere ıyla to the overpasses billboards.
Thus, the start of the local election campaign has been given informally! (How much and where is the budget?
Yes, in 2019, Istanbul will have a longer metro line from many developed cities of the world (probably compared to current data).
Which Istanbulite is not happy with this news? In a city whose population is estimated to reach 2023 million in 23, it will not be enough for seven million people to go “everywhere” by subway, come on.
Istanbul, which is more and more oppressed every day under the heavy traffic load, has no choice but to develop the metro system and to use the sea routes more effectively!

Which metropolis is there?
However, I've seen so far, I saw no metropolis in the metro "we do metro," he saw what the advertising was done, nor heard. Especially, I never came across a campaign that the Prime Minister and the mayor applauded side by side.
Isn't it a major task of a municipality to provide easy public transport in a horribly wrongly planned world city with a population exceeding 15 million?
The real success and determination that the municipality can be proud of and advertise in Istanbul, the revival of the historical artifacts found during the subway excavations… The story of our city, which is eight thousand years old, is told to the whole world… The Yenikapı excavation was stopped by saying “no funds”!
Modern metros are being built all over the world. But what city has a heritage dating back to the prehistoric times?
As for the slogan “Subway everywhere, metro everywhere”… Couldn't there be a more creative slogan?


  • The 54 subway system in the 188 country of the world. For example, New York has the longest (1355 km) urban railroad, which has the most stops.
  • Seoul Metropolitan Subway, 526 km long, is number one in uninterrupted metro travel… There are four different metro systems in Tokyo, the first of which was established in 1925.
  • From Hanoi to Shiraz… New metro systems are under construction in nine cities in China and seven in India, as well as in many world cities.
  • The current total of Istanbul's metro line length is 138 km. Topbas, 2019'a 400 to reach the kilometer announced.

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