Istanbul Tramways

Istanbul Tramways: One of the most important requirements of Istanbul, X urban public transportation Şirketi developed by the solutions, about 150 years ago, the railway system provided by the Dersaadet Tram Company began with the city. The 1869 trolley, which was put into service in 1912, has served the people of Istanbul until 1966 and after that date electrical systems have been introduced and by public transport it has been provided mainly by electric trams until XNUMX.

Since the beginning of the 1960s, in Istanbul, which has been rapidly growing and growing, public transportation has been left to fuel and tire vehicles. However, when the road transport was not sufficient for the growing and crowded city, the İstanbul return to rail systems lı programs started to be re-launched as the most functional solution and the construction of the rail systems by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was resumed in 1985. Istanbul Transport Inc. was established in 1988 to undertake the operation and maintenance of rail system lines. Istanbul Transport Inc., established as a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, 20. year of service.

Istanbul Transport Inc. is the operator of the metro, tram, funicular and cable cars in Istanbul. 800 is located in Istanbul Esenler. Istanbul Transportation Inc. which has 720.000 km length of rail system lines. 64 served around 2007 million passengers per year.

Istanbul Transport Inc. believes that rail systems are the most important element of sustainable public transportation, especially on a metropolitan scale like Istanbul. In this respect, it closely monitors the developments of all rail systems in the world and tries to continuously increase the quality of its operations. With the completion of investments in the rail system, which have gained momentum in Istanbul, İstanbul Taşıma A.Ş. The International Association of Public Transporters (UITP), which was signed in 2005, has demonstrated its commitment to sustainable development with the Declaration of Sustainable Development. Acting with a high level of service in station and transportation services, as well as in maintenance and repair works, İstanbul Ulaşım A.Ş. aims to provide fast, affordable, comfortable and safe transportation services in line with the needs and expectations of its passengers and to make life easier. It considers the basic responsibility of every employee to continuously improve the quality and make the work right the first time.

The headquarters of Istanbul Transport is managed by M1 Aksaray-Otogar-Airport subway. The 220.000 passenger line carrying the day passes the 18 station between Aksaray and the Airport, and the 31 significantly reduces the intensity of urban transportation. Another line we serve is the M2 Taksim-4.Levent metro. The length of the subway station between Taksim-4.Levent is 8. At the 6 station, the 32 subway provides service to the 160.000 passengers per day.

T1 Zeytinburnu- from other lines in the businessKabataş The street tram has a total length of 13 kilometers and serves 220.000 passengers a day, providing fast and comfortable transportation, especially in the historical peninsula. The tram line integrated with M1 metro line at Zeytinburnu and Aksaray stations, F2006 Taksim- opened in June 1.Kabataş It is connected to M2 Taksim-4.Levent subway with the funicular line and thus, urban rail systems have become “full integration”. The T2006 Zeytinburnu-Bağcılar tram line, which was put into service at the end of the summer of 2, is 35.000 daily and the T2007 Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği line, which was opened in September 4, carries approximately 50.000 passengers per day.

Among the other systems operated by Istanbul Transportation Inc., T3 Kadıköy-Fashion nostalgic tram and Maçka-Taşkışla and Eyüp-Pier Loti cable cars are available. Marmaray, Taksim-Yenikapı, 4.levent-Darüşşafaka and Aksaray-Yenikapı metro line extensions, Edirnekapı-Topkapı street tram extension and KadıköyWith the realization of fast-track rail system projects such as Kartal metro, the service area of ​​the Istanbul Transportation Inc. and the number of passengers it serves will increase significantly. Istanbul Ulasim AS continues to provide services to Istanbul and Istanbul, a world city, by constantly following the sectoral developments with the high level of precision required by the slogan “The Transport of the Future is With Us” and constantly updating its understanding of service.



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