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Istanbul Was Oak Heaven: It has been determined that the majority of 440 pieces of wood samples belonging to the Neolithic period, collected by the Istanbul Archeology Museum in the archaeological excavations carried out in Yenikapı within the scope of the Marmaray Project, are oak.

KTU Faculty of Forestry Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Bedri Serdar said that the excavations in Yenikapı revealed ships, architectural structures, wood and wood pieces belonging to the Byzantine and Neolithic periods.

Stating that in the excavations carried out on an area of ​​approximately 58 thousand square meters, wood and wood samples belonging to the Neolithic period are expected to be preserved and examined in the excavation area for years, Serdar said, “I watched the presentation of Istanbul Archeology Museum Director Zeynep Sevim Kızıltan on a television program and then contacted her. I have offered to see if we can benefit from these examples, can we work on them. He also welcomed us very positively, ”he said.

Emphasizing that he sent Reha Mazlum, a graduate student at KTU Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, to Istanbul to meet with Kızıltan, Serdar said, “After the meeting, 6 pieces of wood samples were collected and numbered by archaeologists in approximately 440 boxes, which were found during the archaeological excavations within the scope of the Marmaray Project. and with a special permission from the Ministry of Tourism, it was sent to us to determine which species they belong to. We started working on the subject in our laboratories, ”he said.

Indicating that the diagnosis is also difficult due to the fact that the samples are 8 thousand years old, for this reason, they can only get sections from 440 pieces of wood for identification, Serdar said, “As a result of the studies, oak species were found among the wood samples. Except for oaks, juniper, fir, ash, maple, elm, willow, walnut, fig, chestnut and badger species were also identified.

numerous species of oak is widespread in Turkey. When we look at the wood samples from the Neolithic period, we see that the number of these examples is very high in terms of oak. In our studies, we found that approximately 240 of the 80 tree samples were oak. Therefore, we can say that Istanbul was an oak paradise especially in the Neolithic period, that is, 8 years ago ”.

-Samples of wood that can be collected are kept in special boxes-

Stating that they handed over their work to authorized persons, Serdar said, “Approximately 240 permanent preparations of 500 wood samples, which can be cut, were stored in special boxes. The preparations in the boxes will be able to be preserved for many years, and this will allow wood samples from the Neolithic period to be preserved for many years. The fact that these examples, which are historical artifacts, can be stored for a lifetime will undoubtedly be very important for our history ”.

prof. Dr. Serdar, by identifying the wood materials that will be revealed in such excavations in Turkey, within the body of KTU Forestry Faculty, gave the opportunity to the world of science. kazanHe added that they will.

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