The silkworm tram is coming… Dan, dan, dan… Get out of the way

The silkworm tram is coming… Dan, dan, from… Get off the road: The pavement in Uluyol sohbetWhile doing the job, siren sounds were all over. Motorcyclist in front, tow truck behind, two escort vehicles from the municipality and a tram behind. It is followed by the second hammer… Private security at regular intervals on the sidewalk…

Recently… In Uluyol, sidewalk with friends sohbeti was doing it. We were surprised when the sirens suddenly started to ring and looked at the non-discretionary environment.
Street shopkeepers laughed and warned:
”There is nothing to worry about, the tram is coming.“
We couldn't establish a connection between the sound of the sirens and the arrival of the tram. But less then we've seen everything:
There's a traffic cop coming in from the front. It's glamorous behind him. He also watches metropolitan police escort. Behind him also include the Burkulaş escort vehicle.
This convoy is followed by the red color of the Silkworm tram. Or rather, he's waiting behind the convoy. There's another one behind the tram.
While we were examining the vehicles in the convoy, it was a little more active.
The traffic police with motorcycles began to announce vehicles parked on the tram rails. On the other hand, the tractor started to work very fast.
When the rails were opened with the vehicles removed, the tram passed by.
At that time…
We noticed that there were special security guards on the side of the street on the side of the street.
Apparently ...
They were tasked to prevent the vehicles from parking on the rails and to say "Tram is coming".
There are many cars and commercial vehicles on the tracks. Friends who are street shopkeepers, araç They run constantly, but they cannot prevent them from parking the rails. Because when you are arguing with a rider, someone else is coming and parked in the back, Çünkü they said.
Naturally ...
We smiled at what we saw. Silkworm trams will certainly suit Bursa. Change the city's transport system. But it won't be easy for Bursali to get used to the tram.
On the other hand, we remembered the rhyme that remained in our ear from our childhood days:
Dan, dan, dan… Get out of the way…

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