Scrap Tram Wagon Becomes Cunda Tram Cafe

cunda tram cafe
cunda tram cafe

The tram wagon, which was scrapped after being used for many years in Istanbul and was brought to Cunda Island in Ayvalık district and repaired, was transformed into a cafe with the name "Taksim-Cunda" by two entrepreneur friends.

Orkun Uzun, one of the operators, said in a statement that the tram number 34, which had been serving in Taksim for a period and was scrapped, was put up for sale.

Stating in which years and how many years they used, the wagon was first bought by someone else and added, “We bought the tram from this person with my friend Emre Ertan. When we got the tram, it was hollow, its seats and other apparatus were removed. ”

Stating that it is very troublesome to bring the wagon they loaded on a truck with a crane to Cunda in Istanbul, Uzun explained that they made it into a café under the name of "Taksim-Cunda" after some difficult changes.

Emphasizing that the tram, which used to be integrated with the history of Istanbul, is now experiencing nostalgia among the stone houses of Cunda Island, Uzun said, “Those who see that the tram is a cafeteria, they like it very much. Others have a souvenir photo taken. Some Istanbul residents who come to the island on holiday are surprised to see the tram they take in Taksim in Cunda. "We have not seen our tram cafe until today," he said.

Wooden reels on which telephone cables are wound have been turned into tables

In the front of the wagon, on which a 1954 motorcycle is placed for decoration purposes, the old article "It is forbidden to hang and dangerous" is noteworthy.

The interior of the café, which is designed as a kitchen, has tables and tables made of large wooden reels that previously had telephone cables.

Cunda's café located at the beginning of the road to the beach offers customers cold and hot drinks, toast, hamburgers, kokorec, and french fries.

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