Historic Locomotive to be cared for

The Historical Locomotive Will Be Serviced: The Governor's Office declared that "The historical locomotive in front of the Train Station will be taken into maintenance and will have a well-maintained appearance";

Burdur Newspaper's “Is Historical Locomotive Exhibited? Was it scrapped? " In the news titled and in other news published previously, it was stated that the steam locomotive displayed in front of the TCDD Train Station gave a neglected appearance, it was called for the locomotive to be made worthy of our city, to be cleaned and maintained.
Following the publication of the news, our Governorship sent an official letter to the Burdur Station Directorate on 26 August 2013, with the instruction to carry out the necessary maintenance of the locomotive. Burdur Station Directorate subsequently held a healing meeting with TCDD Afyon Regional Directorate and it was reported that a tender will be held for the maintenance and repair of all steam locomotives under the Regional Directorate and that the tender preparations are about to be completed.
The historical locomotive located in front of Burdur Train Station will be taken care of by TCDD Afyon Regional Directorate with the completion of the tender and it will get a well-maintained appearance.

Source : http://www.burdurgazetesi.com

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