The eyes of everyone in the territory of TCDD

The eyes of everyone in the land of TCDD: The state was again damaged. TCDD land was privatized before it was then nationalized again.
The projects that are intended to bring together both sides of Istanbul cause the public to suffer damage due to planning errors.

The land of TCDD, which was discharged due to the Marmaray Project and was put on sale, was again nationalized for the Eurasian Tunnel.

The works carried out for the Marmaray Project led to the stop of railway transportation in Istanbul. Some railway stations and maintenance facilities were rendered dysfunctional due to the change in the route planned in the new planned transport line. Under the project carried out by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, the 28 station building will be demolished in Istanbul and the 14 building will be disabled.

The presence of those who had historical significance among the station buildings to be demolished caused criticism. Some of the station buildings were put on sale by the Privatization Administration. The project aims to make some historical stations a boutique hotel.

The decision of urgent expropriation

One of the stations subject to the tender was the TCDD area in Yedikule. TCDD's station building and maintenance and repair shop in Yedikule has recently been awarded by Ege Yapı Ltd. Şti. Ltd. Şti., Mymetropol Yapı İnş. Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti., Sena Property Yacht. Tic. A.Ş., Buktor Yapı San. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. Acquired by Business Partnership. Following the tender of 302 thousand 600 TL, Ege Yapı Chairman of the Board of Directors İnanç Kabadayı announced that the project will take place in Yedikule in the area of ​​41 thousand square meters and will include tourist facilities as well as commercial buildings.

While the land of TCDD was privatized by a tender, work was also carried out for the Eurasia Tunnel in the same region. As a result of the examination, the land and buildings that need to be expropriated on the route were determined. At the Council of Ministers meeting on 24 July 2013, the decision of "Urgent Expropriation" was made regarding the buildings and lands in question. The address was the same… This time the expropriation decision was taken for the TCDD Maintenance and Repair Workshop, which was sold to Ege Yapı and privatized a while ago.

Two more projects

A part of the land sold by the Privatization Administration to the partnership that includes Ege Yapı is seen as the park lot of Altınkapı Facility, which is foreseen among the Olympic facilities. In case of the Olympic organization in Turkey it will be forced once again to the same land expropriated.

Another project that appears on the same site in Yedikule belongs to Kutup AŞ. According to the projects of the Polar Planning Company of Neslihan Ulusoy, who is the wife of Fatih Municipality's Transportation Manager Ali Ulusoy, according to the projects in the same place, the challenge and Yedikulekapı-Samatya Hospital's emergency entrance road expansion work are being carried out.

CHP made a proposal

At the municipal council meeting held yesterday in Fatih Municipality, members of the CHP presented a written question on four issues. The allegations presented by Gulay Yedekçi will be on the agenda of the parliament in the coming days.

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