Railway Pedestrian Underpass in the Basin

Railway Pedestrian Underpass Will Be Made In The Basin: It has been reported that a railway pedestrian underpass will be built in the Basin for safe transportation of students. Thanks to the underpass to be built in İnönü Mahallesi Anar Sokak, students who walk about 100 kilometers to the school, which is 150-2 meters away due to the wall around the railway, will reach their schools in a shorter time and more safely. In the area where the pedestrian underpass will be built, a technical study was carried out by Samsun TCDD Road Maintenance and Repair Directorate and the area was examined. At the end of the investigation, Deputy Mayor of Havza Ömer Büyük stated that due to the security wall built by the State Railways, 19 Mayıs District and İnönü Neighborhoods were disconnected, and that the students who went to Mehmet Öngel Primary School in 19 Mayıs District suffered the most. “With the completion of the pedestrian underpass, our students will go to their schools more safely on a shorter route. The underpass to be built here will be made by the State Railways. As Havza Municipality, we will do the connection roads and landscaping of the underpass ”.

Source : I yurthaber.mynet.co

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