Giant targets in the transport sector (Video)

Giant targets in the transport sector: 11. President Abdullah Gül and Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım are also present in the Transportation, Shipping and Communication Council.

Gül, who has 3 million 654 bin 369 followers on Twitter, has also confessed to using social media continuously.

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that political stability is effective in completing important projects.

The slogan of the Shura was “transportation and quick access for all Şura. Chairman of the Council of the Council Dr. Oral Erdogan 3 said that the contents of the contents of the day will be passed. Hüseyin Avni Mutlu, the governor of Istanbul, came to the stand. Wishing the Council to draw conclusions about Istanbul's transportation problems, Mutlu said:


Özel The important fact in the information age is that communication and communication are very decisive in the information age. The phenomenon of speed versus time and time is important. In this era, the transportation sector is very decisive. Istanbul 3 is a city where more than 500 motor vehicles are used, with more than XNUMX vehicles going to the city every day. In this respect, I think that evaluations will be made for our city. Bu

After Mutlu's statements, a short film introducing Shura was shown to the guests.


He said that many projects could not be completed due to political instability in previous years. An Since many years of trust and stability in politics could not be achieved, the projects initiated have not been finalized. We've dreamed and we've started to realize one of our dreams. We are committed to the support of our people and the stable political structure provided in recent years. We did not think that can not be made, unreachable called reached. Yapt He said.


Stating that they have accelerated the last 10 year in the process of knitting the dormitory with iron nets started in the first years of the Republic, Yıldırım said, lar We started the high-speed train travel period. We divided the years and combined lives. We made the airway for the people. We took steps for domestic production in aerospace technologies. We have made significant progress towards becoming a sailor nation in the so-called essence. Marmaray and 153 to realize the annual dream. 29 will be inaugurated in October. We will provide a great service to Istanbulites.


We're going to connect the historic Silk Road to London. Marmaray's brother Avrasya highway tube crossing project continues in full swing. Hopefully in 2015 we will be happy to bring a prestige project to Istanbul. We are spreading the high speed train network in Ankara, east-west and north-south. Our target 10 in the coming 15 to connect our big city with each other with high speed train ties. Yıl he said.


Last 10 year as a normal and fast rail lines of the 50 mile line was completed reminding Yildirim, said: X 2 thousand kilometers over our projects in progress. Our ongoing projects are: Ankara-İzmir, Ankara-Sivas, Ankara-Kırıkkale, Ankara-Yozgat, Ankara-Afyon, Ankara-Bursa. Project work continued: Ankara-Karaman, Ankara-Kayseri, Ankara-Erzincan. We will have these projects on schedule as of next year. Ön


Yildirim said that they have been allocating resources to the infrastructure at the rate of 1 of the national income, and this ratio has attracted over 2023 up to 1.


Ini We are aiming to bring the fast access system to our country and continue on the basis of equitable balanced sustainable development moves that offer a high quality uninterrupted service perspective that does not neglect global integration while addressing the local base that adopts history-sensitive participation principles..

Speaking after Yildirim, President Abdullah Gul drew attention to the dazzling developments in information technologies that changed the chemistry of societies. Underlining that it is not possible to beat the technology, Gul said:


Many of us now communicate with smartphones tablets and laptops. We also benefit from the Internet and mass media. I must admit I'm no different than you. I endeavor to take advantage of all the technology of social media, including social media. Sosyal

Rose, the technology, communication and informatics revolution at the end of the last century, the human being's commitment to time and space was greatly broken, he continued:

Karşılıklı Concepts such as distant, near-unknown, familiar and unfamiliar are no longer meaningless, the boundaries have become more transparent, and the obstacles to mutual interaction have been lifted. Innovations in science and communication technology have changed the chemistry of societies. The societies have become the best in the world, not only in terms of what is offered to them. As a result, transparency, freedom, justice, accountability and good governance have now become valid values ​​not only for a privileged part of the world, but for all. As a matter of fact, the developments taking place in our close region has shown that this process is an irreversible medium despite all the ups and downs. It is also clear that those who do not understand this will be the ones running behind the events and the time. Since it is not possible to hit the technology, we will face many innovations that we do not dream of today. This will bring the world more transparent than it is today, and it will not leave anything in narrow areas. The ones who should evaluate and understand this course are undoubtedly the ones who manage their country Bu.

Not to the successes achieved in aviation, President Gül said,, All of this has been achieved through the introduction of the right strategies. If we had continued the airline with the closed economy at the beginning of the THY would have come to this point, what would be the name of the world no longer large private airline companies, nor in these cities could be opened in each province, baş he said.
In his speech, President Gül stated that there has been a big breakthrough in the high speed train lines, and the satisfaction of the people and the confidence in him and his country increased as the transportation opportunities increased. Takıl These policies are the key to our economy not being caught in the middle income trap, alar Gul said.


The highlight in Turkey in today's world that influence others with the domino effect of developments in the geography of transport and communications strategy is essential to plan regional and global dimensions Rose, "Transport and communication lines is not an issue only to be viewed from the economic and commercial lodges. First of all, in order for a geographic area in the world to be called a region, there should be communication and transportation networks that will enable communication and interaction between countries and rights. If these transport and communication networks do not have a region, the countries are like a dead end, they have no relation with their neighbors. The basic quality and basic necessity of regional development and regional cooperation is that the networks and regions are interconnected. Bölgesel


Turkey's current communications infrastructure beyond that of many advanced technologies the country has a speed and effectiveness have expressed the Rose, "We are proud of it," he said. . Technology has now really changed the chemistry of societies. According to this, there are many sociological and political developments. These can be side effects as well as side effects if the side effects of the drugs that treat them are in a very positive way. All of this will be discussed in these meetings without being ignored will make us all much safer for the future. Bütün

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