Collected for the solution of transportation problems in Basaksehir

In order to solve the transportation problems in Başakşehir, the meeting was held: Başakşehir Cultural Center, Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations General Manager (IETT). Hayri Baraçlı, IETT Deputy General Manager Mümin Kahveci and heads of departments and municipal authorities of the municipality attended.

The ring trips to the Otogar-Bağcılar-Başakşehir-Olimpiyatköy Metro Line opened recently from different regions of Başakşehir became the main item of the consultation meeting. Mayor of Başakşehir Mevlüt Uysal said that the biggest problem of Başakşehir is the transportation so far. E Until today, transportation was the biggest problem in Başakşehir. Although this transportation problem is solved to a large extent by the metro, the supply lines needed to reach the metro are now being solved. Ulaşım

Hayri Baraçlı, who made a general presentation about IETT's works, said, “As İETT, we are in an effort to realize our services oriented towards citizens. With the efforts of our president, it is constantly evolving and becoming a modern district. We, as İETT, as well as metro line investments and complementary public transport vehicles complement the metro service in an effort to provide our service quality.

Following the opening speeches, IETT officials, who signed an important solution regarding the ring voyages that will carry passengers to the neighborhoods of Başakşehir, gave information about the subject. According to the study, the subway and the bus will be evaluated under the same transportation fee by removing a second fee from the subway and taking the bus, taking the bus to the house or taking the bus and taking the metro. When the subway is used, 1.95 will pay the full ticket and the second one will be paid 0,5. 1.95, which is the first boarding pass on the same metro line, will be charged with 0,05 penny on the subway which is the second boarding pass. Thus, the transportation fee to be paid by passengers using metro and ring line will not exceed 2.

At the end of the meeting, representatives of civil society organizations and neighborhood muhtars in Başakşehir conveyed their solution suggestions and questions about their regions to IETT authorities. Istanbul Transport Coordination Center (UKM) 's out of the ring expeditions IETT directorate of the infrastructure work on the latest 20 September 2013 will begin on.

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