First Local Tram Ready to Serve

The first domestic tram Services Ready: continue test driving in Bursa Turkey's first domestic silkworm tram street. In order to complete the silkworm 8,2 thousand-kilometer test drive, which exceeds the inclination of 7 with no inconvenience, the 30 is taking the majority of the night sand bags.
Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they will start to carry passengers at the beginning of October with 4 wagons, “We will carry the citizen to 50 cents to get used to.
City Square Sculpture will take between 20 minutes 38 tone silkworm every day 19 tons of sand bags are being tested. The troubles on rails were overcome during the second days. Signaling and integration processes are also largely completed.
Silkworm, which takes 30 test rounds every day without any trouble, will carry Bursa people to 50 cents. Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that there is not the slightest problem about the vehicle and that vehicles running like clockwork will be put into service according to their peers, “In the first days, there were some problems due to the cleaning on the tracks. Now test runs are carried out smoothly. All kinds of electronic systems are controlled. We have not had any problems until today. As for the vehicle, some are gossiping about it. While the following vehicle was being produced, it was produced with world technology. Every work done has passed the test. It starts production after the approvals are given and the approvals are given. We came to this stage after the "approval" was given worldwide. Our vehicles are now ramping up at half capacity. Even if half of the 400 kv engine is running, it can take the ramp with 200 passengers. It turns out with a quarter of gas. It was seen with these tests. An excellent result was obtained. Turkey has been exceeded and no inclination of 8,2 percent in Europe. There was not the slightest problem in this, ”he said.
Automobile revolution that took place in the silkworm experienced the difficulties and criticism of the way, clarifying the thick President Altepe, "We" We did it "when we most people" Turkey can not, "he said. Because these are very advanced technology. They said, "It's not things we can do." It needs to be accredited, in world norms. One hundred percent of the prototype vehicle we produced is made in Turkey. These vehicles are also world-class vehicles. The same can travel when you remove this tram and put it in Berlin or Paris. It conforms to world standards. It was top quality, not down from them. We have advantages in craftsmanship here. One in six in Europe costs. We have reflected some of this on the material to quality. A higher quality vehicle was produced at a more affordable price. Turkey's their targets. Turkey their own devices, will produce the brands. We will no longer pay these costs to the world. We will not give 6 trillion 8 to 4 trillion in a wagon. These coins are going abroad. Now the job is reversed. All of these manufacturing will be sold from Turkey. We will not take it from outside. This way you will be strong. Many companies currently Durmazlar pursuing cooperation with. Everyone wants to cooperate in their own way and sell quality products to the world. Other municipalities will not use other vehicles, their money will remain in Turkey. When needed, parts will be found instantly. Turkey is a great opportunity kazanwas. It will also contribute to the reduction of the current account deficit. Revolution requires political will. A vehicle does not stay on the road, you run out of gas, you put it on, if you have a weak power, you strengthen it. The important thing is to show your will. If the will for revolution had been put forward, it would have been nice, we would have sold it to the world. After the samples there, that job remained there. It went into production here. He travels comfortably on the streets of Bursa. Turkey has seen it, the world has seen it. We lost millions of dollars. The Ministry has now placed the condition of being local in tenders. However, policies are determined in this direction. It was a good performance that affected all our industrial policies," he said.
Explaining that they are driving 25-30 test rides at night, Altepe said, “We will start the passenger trips like the beginning of October. There is a certain mileage requirement. After completing the first tram 7 thousand kilometers, you can carry passengers. It goes through tests that meet world standards. Other vehicles will not be tested as much. The second wagon will arrive tomorrow today. We will start with 4 vehicles and go to 6 vehicles in a short time. A vehicle carries 282 passengers. There will be once every 5 minutes. In a short time, 6 vehicles will carry 15-20 thousand people every day. We can carry 40 thousand people with full capacity. ”
Noting that the T1 line will pave the way for other regions, Altepe said, “Then there is the Yalova Road-Terminal line. Yıldırım, Residential Sites line will be built. Çekirge, Dikkaldırım and Ankara road will be the removal of six regions to the center. We plan a total of 8 lines with Dikkaldırım Beşevler and Beşevler İhsaniye Fsm lines. However, we plan the Terminal line after the New Year so that Bursa residents do not have any problems. Since there is a line up to Davutkadı in Yıldırım, we will also focus and speed up the Sites direction. All of them will be integrated with each other. We will weave Bursa with iron nets. It will be integrated with the metro. Citizens will follow up with their mobile phones. Contemporary transportation will come into play. Currently the City Square Sculpture line is passed in 20-22 minutes. We have also put the price prices appropriate. It will contribute greatly to the transportation of Bursa. A project that everyone can be proud of has emerged. ”
Noting that the test drive did not reach the visit of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Bursa, Altepe said, “The tram was on the rail two days before the visit. We hadn't done the test yet. The roads were new. We did not act willingly because we did not try. Our vehicles are turning after now. We will be carrying passengers soon. When the prime minister and our ministers arrive, we will take lots of tours to Bursa. We will also call and explain the mayors. Everyone will talk, be proud. We pioneered. Durmazlar firm also produced. Recently metro and fast train will announce the name of Bursa with relevant projects in Turkey and the world, "he said.
The residents of Bursa, the tram has not been fully used yet. Vehicles parked on rails, garbage containers left untouched, and the signaling system are not fully operational, test drives are carried out in attractive and police escort. President Altepe, even in Eskişehir, which has a higher education level, started traveling with passengers, and 15 reminds them that there are flights with police escort during the day. Those who leave their vehicles on the tram line haphazardly during the test drive are punished and their vehicles are immediately drawn. Tests on the ride of the residents of the city is very excited about the tram, applause with the support is remarkable.

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