The fastest commuter train in Zamda

The fastest commuter train in the city: The highest commuter train in the last one year has been the commuter train. The average fare of the commuter train journey increased by 27 in the period in question.

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the Consumer Price Index calculation made from the material prices, some travel agents with the cost of transportation has increased by more than inflation in recent years 1.

The same inflation rate as last year's same year was realized as 8,17, while the increases in suburban, subway, municipal bus and taxi prices in the same period have left behind the annual inflation of 1.

The last 1 was the highest commuter train in the transportation vehicles. Commuter train fare increased by 27,2 in the period in question. Thus, in August of last year, the 1,84 lira commuter train fare reached 2,34 liras in August this year.

The increase in suburban train fare was followed by the metro fare. The cost of travel in the subway has increased by 1 percent in the last 15,9 year. While the metro fee was 2012 lira in August 1,70, it increased to 1,97 lira in the same month of this year.

In the 2012-August 2013 period, the increase in municipal bus and taxi fares increased. In this period, the cost of travel by municipal bus and taxi increased by 9,5.

The city car ferry has become the only vehicle whose average wage has decreased in the last 1 year. The city lines ferry fee, which was 4,23 lira in August of last year, fell to 3,9 in August of this year. The decline in city lines ferry fee reached 7,8 percent.

8 increased the flight ticket price, this increase was reflected in the last 1 year as the ticket fees 20 lira. So the average air ticket fee was 270 pounds.

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