Fast train from Altindag to Konyaya

Altindag to Konyaya high-speed train: Ankara Altındağ Municipality, organized cultural trips without breaks. In the trips, this time the address was Konya. 7 yearly, Altındağ Municipality has taken the Altındağ people to Konya every year, and the 2013 year has begun its Konya tour.

Altindag is the 100 passenger of Konya high-speed train every day until December. The first one is from the neighborhood of Onder. 100 members of Önder Women's Education Culture Center went to Konya in the morning by a high speed train departing at 7: 00. Altındağlı women, Veysel Tiryaki farewell.

Acak 5 bin will meet with cultural trips in Altındağ “

Mayor Veysel Tiryaki Altındağ on board a high-speed train, wishing good trips, said that these trips played a major role in recognizing the cultural heritage. Tiryaki said that cultural trips are important in the name of unity and solidarity, and stressed that change occurred in the minds of Altındağ. In Altındağ, Tiryaki underlined that a bond of love and tolerance is becoming stronger and stronger. President Tiryaki, 5 until December by a thousand people will meet with the gospel also gave the good news.

High-speed train 1 hours 45 minutes to Konya, women from Altındağlu, Mevlana Mausoleum to Thin Minarets to visit many places. Three women visited the Mausoleum, Alaaddin Mosque, Shams Tabriz-i, Meram, Tavus Baba, and the Fire Base-ı Veli Mausoleum.

First time out of Ankara

There were those who went out of town for the first time in the line. Zülfiye Günay, said that he had never been out of the city until now. Altındağ Municipality has not offered us the possibilities could never come here, "he said.

Fatma Doğanay also stated that women in Altındağ had previously been shut down in their homes and now broke their shells. Dağanay also touched upon the support he received from his family and said that his wife and children were positive about these trips. Doganay, Altindag Municipality expressing their embrace to them by means of personal development courses at Önder Women's Education Cultural Center said they could stand on their own feet.

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