The result of the closure of the railroad activists in Eskişehir

The closure of the railroad in Eskişehir in the result of the closure: In Eskişehir in the evening, the action to react to the killing of Ahmet Atakan'ın the group shut down the train as a result of the group 4 High Speed ​​Train (YHT), including the 5 train service is carried out in a transfer, a freight train is delayed As reported, the entrance to the station.

According to information obtained from the Middle East Technical University (METU) events in Hatay, Ahmet Atakan who died in the action because of the events of the evening gathered at the University Street to react to the death of the group organized the first march, and then closed the railroad crossing in the level of the highways on the street.

During the 5 hour-long action, the 4 was provided with the transfer of the 5 train, one of which was YHT and one normal. A freight train was taken as delayed by approximately 250 minutes. Passengers arriving on the trains, which are provided with the entrance and exit of the station, have been transported to their destination by buses sent to Muttalip Bridge.

Due to the action 19.00 Ankara-Eskisehir, 21.00 Ankara-Eskisehir, 21.00 Eskisehir-Ankara, 18.55 Konya-Eskisehir YHT'larının and 22.25 Ankara-Izmir passenger train passengers in the transport of the bus is said to be carried.

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