The Erciyes Mountain ski slope and cable car line are in service during this winter season.

Erciyes Mountain ski slope and cable car service is in service during this winter season: the ski slope and cable car line at the height of 3 bin 400 will be in service during this winter season.

Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı said that the Erciyes Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Master Plan works, which were initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2005, are continuing rapidly and the departments that are completed gradually every year are put into service.

Cıngı stated that more than 120 million local and foreign tourists came to ski last year on Mount Erciyes, where more than 1 million euros have been invested so far, especially tourists who ski in countries that have a say in winter tourism such as Switzerland, Austria, England and France are more than Erciyes. stressed that they left satisfied.

- “Tracks where highly qualified people can slide”

Cıngı reminded that 26 million square meters of land in Erciyes belongs to the Metropolitan Municipality and that the master plan was applied on the land with title.

“Within the scope of the project, which costs about 300 million Euros, we are trying to make Erciyes open to all parts of the mountain by embroidery embroidery. In this context, we construct a cable car line and a ski slope for 3 meters in Erciyes, which has a height of 917 meters. With this altitude, all kinds of skiing competitions can be held in Erciyes Ski Center. Ski lovers, who slide on our 3 400 meters high tracks, will have the opportunity to land on both Tekir and Hisarcık Gate. Our tracks at this height are the tracks where highly qualified people, who we call black track, can slide. Skiing is done at 3 thousand meters in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, England and France, which come to mind when skiing is mentioned. In these regions, the height of 400 meters is a very extra situation and an altitude that cannot be sought and found. With this aspect, Erciyes is capable of making a difference to its competitors.

- You can ski by seeing the top

Stating that the lowest skiable height in Erciyes is the Tekir region at 2 meters, Cıngı said that they have already built a track and cable car line to a height of 200 meters, and this year they have increased this height to 3 meters.

Cıngı stated that 3 meters is the region called “Çanak” and the last facility is located, “The next stage is the summit of 400 thousand 3 meters. Going up to 917 meters, ski lovers will be able to see the summit and even those who climb the summit easily with the naked eye. ”

-Pist length will be 200 mileage

Cıngı underlined that there are one-piece tracks up to 10 kilometers in length in Erciyes and that the stations where the stations are located, as well as in the Alps and other international ski areas, are able to relax and meet their needs.

“Access to Erciyes Mountain is provided through Tekir, Hisarcık, Develi and Hacılar gates. We have a mechanical facility in all four doors. Hacılar and Tekir are much more developed. Our goal is to freely ski all over the mountain. To be able to use all the facilities all over the mountain, not go and go on a track. With the 40-kilometer track we will add this summer, we have nearly 100 kilometers of tracks. In addition, we will have 15 mechanical facilities. We will reach the capacity to carry 30 thousand people per hour. With the completion of the Master Plan, when we finish our facilities on Koç Mountain and extreme skiing facilities in other regions, our track length will reach 200 kilometers. ”

-1 million 700 artificial snow in a thousand square meters area

1 thousand square meters of the mountain's 700 million units are equipped with artificial snowing systems and 7 million euros, which is expressed in the tender unit Cıngı, 144 is a snowing machine and more olimpic runways said that the distribution.

Stating that they can produce artificial snow after minus 4-5 degrees, Cıngı said, “We will eliminate the risk of not snowing with artificial snow machines. Of course, nothing can replace the natural snow, but we will be able to snow our tracks whenever we want. This will give us an advantage, ”he said.

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