Binali Lightning stamp on transportation

Lightning Stamp for Transportation: “11 transportation targets” were determined in the 2023th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council held last week. While the sector report was taken into consideration at the Council meetings held under the theme of “Transportation and Quick Access for All”, a road map was drawn for 2035, with the targets being expanded. In today's article, we wanted to talk about the 2035 transportation sector targets set here and share the projects that will carry our country to the upper league.

Giant moves on the highway: It is planned to increase the highway highway network to 4 thousand km with the 12 thousand km highway. In this process, it is one of the most important decisions to support all kinds of R&D studies that will increase domestic production and to encourage the use of vehicles using renewable energy resources instead of vehicles using traditional fossil fuels.

The railway network will be doubled: Within the framework of the moves in the railway area, 5 thousand km of new railway network is planned to be built between 2023 and 2035 and our total network is planned to reach 6 thousand km. In this context, it is aimed to realize fast and high-speed train connections in 31 provinces with a population of 60 million, and it is aimed to maximize domestic production and market railway products to the world.

Giant partnerships in shipping: Increasing the Turkish naval fleet from 30 million DWT to 50 million DWT is among the primary targets. Thanks to the joint projects to be carried out with shipyards playing around the world, Turkish shipyards are aimed to have a say in the production of LNG, LPG, CNG, and tanker ships.

The real revolution in the air: As it is foreseen to ensure the continuity of the eye-catching growth in air transport, it is aimed to transform our country into a center of aviation with mega projects. In this process, incentives and necessary arrangements for the construction of domestic aircrafts, the main sub-systems are mainly local, including different sizes and technologies to develop the original design planes, certified production of serial production is among the targets. Similarly, the decisions taken in the field of space technologies are of great importance for the future of our country.

Design and production of all satellites and ground control stations sub-systems with national capabilities and capabilities are among the targets.

Turkey is carrying out a project that will deliver electrical energy produced here by placing their satellite power into space by becoming a country with a launch system that produces solar panels to earth via radio frequency waves from attracting the most attention of the 2035 target.

Opened the front of our country

In the past, large wedges were placed in front of the development of our country, especially in the field of airline and railway transportation. In the last 10-11 year, we are pleased to see that the pressures applied by some interest groups have been broken and our country has been opened. Great moves were made in this period.

The 11th Transport, Maritime and Communication Council, which we tried to reflect on its framework, showed that these moves will continue with an increasing pace. Congratulating our Minister of Transport, Communication and Maritime, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, it has become a duty to see all the dynamism, effort and knowledge of the moves that enable us to look to the future with confidence.

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