World Brand Tüvasaş Only One Person Left On Board

World Brand Tüvasaş Only One Person Left to Board of Directors: Turkish Transportation Sen Sakarya Branch Chairman Ömür Kalkan 8 has criticized the fact that TÜVASAŞ has not been appointed as a Board Member since May. TÜVASAŞ need Turkey as well as in the world, which must be noted that Shield is a trademark person 5 10 Board of Directors with the last member of the Board of Directors who resigned in September pointed out that only one person remains.

Shields said in a statement, "Our Sakarya in Turkey and the world since the brand name is TÜVASAŞ on May 8 board member is not assigned. On the other hand, 10 has reduced the number of board members to be composed of 5 people who were the last members of the board of directors in September. The decision to take decisions about the company in TÜVASAŞ has completely ceased to be possible. According to the Decree Law no. 233, our company, which is within the authority of the board of directors, determines profitable productive policies, long-term work program, balance sheet, annual program, annual report approval, coordination decisions among the subsidiaries, personnel related savings, personnel recruitment and dozens of large tender files It awaits. This situation has tied TÜVASAŞ's arm. AS

1 stated that they considered TÜVASAŞ, which has contributed to Sakarya economy with an amount of 6 million TL per month, as a malevolent and purposeful approach to the economy of Sakarya in the context of the new railway law, the opening of the new railway law, and the delivery of the transportation plans on January. Our General Manager, especially Turkish Transport Union, has been making efforts for months at the Headquarters level. Is TÜVASAŞ being decided to be eliminated in the rail vehicles market by being left in an unacceptable position? We call on the politicians of our city in this regard and we expect them to make efforts to solve this problem. If there are any initiatives on TÜVASAŞ, we expect them to announce them to the public.

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