MMO Audit to Domestic Trolley

MMO Supervision to Local Trolley: Chamber of Mechanical Engineers executives audited the test trolley. Branch President, Ibrahim Mart, "the Turkish engineer can be revealed when you can show with Silkworm," he said.

MMO Branch, which controls the on-site tram on the test drive, gave the Silkworm a full mark. MMO Branch Chairman İbrahim Mart, board members, TMMOB General Secretary of the IKK, Fikri Düşünceli supervised İpekböce with Taha Aydın, the local tram project consultant. The mechanic who took the tram from Kültürpark, took a full tour with the vehicle.


Pointing out that there are various problems in the trial stage of the T1 line and that they are normal, Mart said, asında The tram has to get used to the rail. This is the tests already done in real conditions, and this should be the case. It'il take a little more time. The people of Bursa should be understanding and patient. Citizens have to get used to the tram tram. Good for the tram Bursa. In the important phase of the test we examined MMO. Our current views support our previous views and express our satisfaction. Şu
Right now; March, the taxi, dolmuş, private public bus, municipal buses, services and special vehicles, including 6 or 7 different vehicles moving on the same route, emphasizing the March, ler It is necessary to bring a scheme with the correct planning. In terms of providing public transportation within the city, the tram is of great importance. Private car owners need to prefer public transportation when entering the city center Özel.

Metropolitan Municipality Project Consultant Taha Aydın also said that he thanked to the Chairman of MMO Mart for his good wishes and opinions, and that the current dynamic tests are complementary tests.

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