2035 destination 10 thousand kilometers speed train network

In the Railway 2035 goal 10 thousand kilometers of high-speed train network: Transport, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Turkey's stating that demiryo of the center of 2035 years of vision, '2035 our railways we came to 10 thousand kilometers in total 31 thousand kilometers, including high-speed trains, the existing network She'il have access to the 3 floor. Railways are welfare, development. Railways are as important as the independence of the country, 'he said.

Yıldırım, Büyük Anadolu Lojistik Organizasyonlar A.Ş., established with 93 partners with the participation of TOBB and affiliated chambers and exchanges. (BALO) participated in the first block train expedition ceremony from Anatolia to Europe.

Minister Yildirim, Istanbul Station in his speech at the ceremony held at the Logistics Course, remove feet again the railways in Turkey, to continue the mobilization of the Great Ataturk began, he said implementation of many projects with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's acumen.

Pointing out that 70 percent of the lines have been renewed, Yıldırım said:

“We make the non-electric lines electrical and the lines without signalization with signalization. In a few years, the oblivion of 50 years and 60 years will end. Railways will become more effective. Even with this condition, we increased the shipments by 2003 percent compared to 90, while 13 million tons were transported, today we have reached 25,5 million tons.

  • 2035 target on railway

Lightning, International Transportation held for 3 days in Istanbul and communications councils that redefine Turkey's 2023 targets in this area and that they had laid out the vision of 2035, continued as follows:

“The railways are at the center of this vision. By 2035, our railways will reach a total of 10 thousand kilometers, including 31 thousand kilometers of high-speed trains, 3 times the existing network. Railways mean prosperity and development. Railways are as important as the country's independence. Because we have gained our independence by railways. The liberation of Manisa and Izmir was planned by Mustafa Kemal at the train station in Malıköy. Railways are important for him, so we have no choice but to invest in railways without slowing down.



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