Train at the border crossing began to control the train with x-ray system

Railway border crossing with the train began checking x-ray system: Van near the Iranian border Kapıköy Railway border gate in Turkey's first x-ray system with trains and freight trains are much faster and can be analyzed in a reliable manner.

Customs and Trade Minister Hayati Yazici, founded the Van Kapıköy railway border crossing on the border with Iran, stating that activation of Turkey's first train x-ray systems, "Thus loads on all trains and move from Iran, much faster and reliable way It can be examined in detail thanks to x-ray beams ”.

Within the scope of the EU Pre-Accession Financial Assistance Program, the 1 X-ray system, which was started to be built years ago, will have an important role in the fight against smuggling.

Stating that the system costs about 3 million Euros, Yazıcı said, “At the borders of our country, they find x-ray devices for trucks and other vehicles, but there was no train x-ray system. The train scanning system was put into operation on July 26, 2013 as part of the test studies and the freight trains started to be scanned. "It is now officially operational and a total of 42 trains and 748 wagons have been scanned so far."

With the launch of the Train Screening System, the train from Van and the cargoes it carries to Van Kapikoy Railway Border Gate can be examined much faster and more reliably.

“In this way, all kinds of illegal and smuggled substances that may come by trains will be prevented from entering our country. Within the scope of the project, a Radiation Detection System, which works in integration with the scanning system and prevents the passage of radioactive and nuclear materials that may enter our country, was also installed at the Kapıköy Railway Border Gate. In the same project, a Baggage Screening System was also provided, enabling fast and detailed searches for the luggage with passengers.

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