China Artificial Snow Rained

China has rained artificial snow: China has taken a successful step in controlling the weather. Meteorological officials in Tibet announce artificial snowfall in Nagku city

THE AUTHORITIES explained that the snow was rained by “rain seeding” techniques used to rain in areas that do not receive rain for a long time. "This shows that people can change the weather even on the highest plateau in the world," said Yu Zhongshui of the meteorological office. The bureau reported that thanks to the experiment, a snow layer of 1 centimeter thickness was obtained.
YU said that thanks to this development, it can be used as a solution against drought in the Northern Tibetan Plateau, which surrounds the green image day by day due to global warming. China is known as the country that applies the rain seeding technique the most. This technique is based on the sprinkling of silver iodide to catalyze the clouds with aircraft or cannonballs.

Source : www.milliyet