Lamp in 23 points to Bursa, with tram period!

Lamp to Bursa at 23 points with Tram period! The period with the tram will have changed the cycle, habits and preferences of daily life in Bursa.
The changes began.
In addition to the rails…
On the streets, physical arrangements were made.
we announced.
The vehicle traffic flow in Altıparmak Street will be applied as double lanes at exits and single lane at descents.
Carsamba Street, which is an important connection between Kent Square and Cekirge, will operate in one direction Cekirge direction.
Along the line…
Prohibition and restriction will apply.
Let's explain another innovation.
The period of transition to the tram and the warning points with lamps are increased for reasons of life and property safety.
In addition to the traffic lights on the line, new application points will be commissioned.
Total 23 dots!
The lamps are at 8 point.
15 will be installed to the point more lamp.
The new spots will work according to the tram. During the transition, the vehicles will be stopped with a red light. Before and after, the red light will continue with the flashing warning position.
Those who want to connect to Şehreküstü Square and return to Atatürk Street will not be stopped under the bridge. Those who prefer the bridge will be stopped with a red light if the tram arrives at the end.
Return to the State Hospital in Çakırhamam, Maksem Street and Setbaşı on Atatürk Street…
Return and arrival connections from Setbaşı to Yıldırım Square at Cumhuriyet Square and Demirtaş Bridge Junction Yıldırım
Return from the Stadium Street to Çekirge Street… The connections of 4 street in Uluyol… City Square
Therefore ...
Bursa traffic is brilliant day and night!

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - is



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