Bursaray Will Extend To Görükle And Balat

Bursaray Will Extend Up To Görükle And Balat: Stating that Bursaray will extend to Görükle and Balat, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Recep Altepe, announced that Erikli and Police School stations on the Kestel line will open early.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, who was a guest in a program on AS TV, gave information about the municipal investments. Stating that the works are continuing on the Kestel line in Bursaray, Altepe gave the good news that the Bursaray line on the İzmir Road and Mudanya Road will be extended. Altepe said, “After Uludağ University, there is Görükle. This is a very demanding neighborhood. We want to connect Bursaray with Görükle. At the same time, a high-speed train station will be built in Balat on Mudanya Road. There is a question of making a connection here from the labor line. Our station in Emek will be extended to the high-speed train. An integrated transport network will be provided here. Plans are continuing in this regard, too, ”he said.


Saying that the Kestel line was driving fast, Altepe continued:

“Assemblies were made up to the escalators of the stations. Currently, other deficiencies are being remedied. Our goal is to complete by the end of this year. There may be a bit of a lack of it, as the station in Kestel has been relocated several times. We open up to 6 of the new stations. Then we'll go step by step. From the beginning, we are working to open the first 2 station police school and Erikli intersection as soon as possible. On the one hand, we are doing tenders. We are working on the purchase of new vehicles and how to make reinforcements. Because when it extends to Kestel, vehicle reinforcement is required. We are also working on that issue.

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