Tram Arrives at Bursan's New Stadium (Video)

Tram Coming to New Stadium of Bursa: Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe held a press conference about Bursa Atatürk Stadium and Its Environment Concept Project. Mayor Altepe said that instead of Bursa Atatürk Stadium, a giant square will be built, concerts, rallies and ceremonies can be held in this square, and the city museum will be built instead of the Indoor Sports Hall and the high school. Altepe noted that the tram can also reach Dikkaldırım and reach the new stadium.


Speaking at the press conference held at the Dobruca Social Facilities, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Bursa Metropolitan Stadium, popularly known as the Timsah Arena, is the biggest project in the history of the municipality. The evaluation of the old stadium is as important as the stadium. The plan was changed for the old stadium location. The location of Atatürk Stadium was planned as a green area. Now, our esteemed Governor Münir Karaloğlu has gathered the information about Bursa. At the meetings we held with him, he had his views on what the current stadium would be. He stated that there were questions for him. On the one hand, while making the new stadium, on the other hand, what will replace the existing stadium caused various public scrutiny, ”he said.


Pointing out that the most important issue that Bursa is curious about is what Bursa Atatürk Stadium will be, Altepe said, “There is only one place in Bursa where you can make a square. That is Bursa Atatürk Stadium. Bursa Metropolitan Stadium is a worldwide work. A work that will set an example to the world. Bursa gets a science center that is not available in the world. The tram is being brought to life. Bursa Airlines is also established after the seaplane. Bursa Metropolitan Stadium with Hüdavendigar Park's happening in Turkey's largest park. It is up to us to bring these works to make the city a modern city. We are bringing all historical artifacts to life, ”he said.


Pointing out that Bursa Metropolitan Stadium is a work in its own right, Altepe said, “It is a stadium with 45 thousand people in accordance with UEFA criteria and has a high pleasure of watching. Whichever seat you sit in, you will have the pleasure of watching. With a modern roof system and Crocodile figure, our satdium is on the world agenda. The rotation of the stadium is also very nice. There are 3 bridges around it. Tram will come until Dikkaldırım. "There will be no transportation problem with the metro on one side and the tram on the other."


Together with the stadium, Bursa's most important shortcoming is the square. The squares used in Bursa are generally crossroads. These squares are no longer usable. At the moment, Gökdere and Kent Square, which seem to be the meeting area in our hands, are a junction and there is a problem of the square due to the passing of the tram. For him, the place of Bursa Atatürk Stadium is the only place that can be a square.


Expressing that the location of the current stadium is very important President Altepe, said:

“The tadium has been removed here. An area of ​​80 thousand square meters is formed with the stadium. Together with the waterfall, this area is an area of ​​100 thousand square meters. We want to make the best use of this area. It will be a place where everyone can gather, concerts, rallies and picnics can be held. With the stadium project, a project has been prepared for the Bursa Atatürk Stadium for 4 years. Here, our advantage is that we have a 440 thousand square meter Kültürpark. This will also be a part of the square. When combined with Kültürpark, this area will become an area of ​​540 thousand square meters. "


Emphasizing that with the abolition of the Indoor Sports Hall and the high school, a large City Museum will be built there, Altepe said, “The area where the high school is located will be removed and will serve as a museum in the future. This area is not used commercially. We stopped parking works in Kültürpark. With this area, it will also solve the parking problem. “There is no need for an additional autopath in Kültürpark”.

Bursa Atatürk Stadium History

The center is located in the west of Altıparmak district of Osmangazi district, east of Kültürpark.

Until 1926, sports competitions and football matches in Bursa were held in Aicilar. During Atatürk's trip to Bursa between May 20 and June 14, 1926, Corps Commander Ali Hikmet Ayerdem Pasha and the governor of the period, Kemal Gedeleç Bey, asked for help for the sports facility. Atatürk personally contributed 1000 lira and asked for a stadium to be built.

Corps Commander Ali Hikmet Pasha laid the foundations of Bursa's first sports facility by correcting the mulberry called “Beylik Bahçe” at the place where the present stadium is located. After a while, Governor Fatin Güvendiren Bey provided 2 thousand liras and started the construction of the field and stadium in the north-south direction. The facility was opened in 1930 ...

As mentioned in the 1934 Bursa Yearbook, the stadium covered an area of ​​2 hectares and had a reinforced concrete tribune for 300 people.

In 1938, a new stadium was built in the east-west direction, a little further south of this area. The east-west direction of the football field and economic difficulties prevented the realization of this project.

When Haşim İşçan became the Governor of Bursa in 1945, Atatürk Stadium was started to be built to take its final shape. This new stadium, which consists of only a covered grandstand and outer walls, was completed in 1948. Then, an open grandstand was built opposite the grandstand. Later, the tribune behind the castle was built in the direction of Altıparmak. When the back of the castle tribune in the direction of the Merinos Factory was built in 1970, the Bursa Atatürk Stadium emerged with its current status.


In September 1948, Akınspor-Acar İ.Y. Akınspor won the first match at Atatürk Stadium, which was opened with a match, 2-1, while Nurettin Sezgiç, wearing a yellow and red jersey, scored the first goal. Acar İdman Yurdu goalkeeper Faruk Aşkan was the winner of the first goal.


With the addition of additional sections in time, the stadium was developed in 1978. In 1993, the marathon stand was closed. In the 1994-1995, the stadium was illuminated to play the night games. Bursaspor with the first night match between Istanbul and Galatasaray was played with the team and Bursaspor 1-0 win.

In 1997, when the competition of the A National Team with the Netherlands was given to Bursa Atatürk Stadium, the top of the castle on the Uludağ side was covered with a space roof system. Thus, the 4th and 3rd part of the stadium was covered. The entire stadium is seated.

In the summer of 2010, Bursa Atatürk Stadium was upgraded to UEFA Champions League standards. As a result of the work that lasted about 2 months, the floor 5 meters were dug down and the stat capacity increased by about 7.000 people.

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